The Association

The Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA) is a volunteer organization that serves as the liaison between Grant Park residents and businesses, and the city government. The city’s Office of Community and Civic Life coordinates the neighborhood associations, which are clustered together into coalitions. Grant Park is part of the coalition known as Central Northeast Neighbors.


President: Stacey Tipp
Co-Vice President: Ramona Perrault
Co-Vice President: Molly Hamill
Secretary: Kara Caselas
Treasurer: Kara Caselas
Land Use Chair: Neon Brooks
Newsletter Editor: Stacey Tipp

At Large: Linda Burch
At Large: Laurene Mullen
At Large: Mary Artz
At Large: Tom Fawell
At Large: Veronica Lozano
At Large: Gian Lozano
At Large: Aaron Druck
At Large: Jake Wicks


Current Bylaws & Board Responsibilities:

Board Responsibilities_April 2023
GPNA Bylaws Revised & Updated April 2023

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Neighboring Associations

Grant Park abuts, or even overlaps with 7 other neighborhoods in NE Portland.

West – Irvington
South – Sullivan’s Gulch
Southeast – Laurelhurst
East – Hollywood
East – Rose City
Northeast – Beaumont-Wilshire
North – Alameda

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