[Update] Neighborhood Meeting – Wireless Installation in Public Right-of-Way

The presentation linked below was given by contractors for AT&T at a meeting on November 15th, 2023 regarding a proposed wireless facility in the area around NE 33rd and Knott St.

AT&T Knott & 33rd-Facility Powerpoint

GPNA Response to Grant Park Bowl Closure

Grant Park Neighborhood Association has sent the following letters to City and Portland Public Schools officials in the past year, the first regarding public access to the Grant Park Upper Field, and the second two in response to the closure of Grant Park Bowl.

GPNA Upper Field Letter Public Access March 2023

GPNA Grant Park Bowl Letter August 2023

Grant Bowl Letter Grant Park NA September 2023

Upper Field Agreement

Grant Bowl Lease Agreement

Newsletter: Safety Issues

Our most recent newsletters include information related to safety issues on NE 33rd Avenue and important cross streets. See links below:

PBOT Response to GPNA Letter to PBOT Regarding Pedestrian Safety on NE 33rd Avenue
Letter to PBOT Regarding Pedestrian Safety on NE Broadway
Letter to PBOT Regarding Pedestrian Safety on NE 33rd Avenue
E-mail from PBOT Engineers re. NE 33rd Ave. Safety Study

Community Safety Meeting

On September 20, 2021, the City of Portland hosted a community safety meeting for our neighborhood. The following document came out of that meeting:

Public Safety Resources

Gordon’s Fireplace Building Update

Hearing Officer’s Order / January 2024

Do you like walking in your neighborhood?

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Grant High School Upper Field Improvements

Over the last several months the GPNA has been working diligently on the matter of the Grant High School Upper Fields Improvements. Here are two documents related to this process.

Grant Park Neighborhood Association Upper Fields Summary

The Grant Park Neighborhood Association response to the Staff Report and Recommendations to the Hearings Officer

Hearing Officer’s Report


The Junior Rose Parade Coming Soon!

The Junior Rose Parade will be coming to the neighborhood on Wednesday, June 5th, 2024. There are many opportunities to participate and volunteer– click here for more information.

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