Central Northeast Neighbors: Upcoming Events

DEI Training Series: Topics and Descriptions

Facilitated by Alexis Millet and Sara Curiel Paez

These trainings are via Zoom from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. They are free and open as space permits, and you will need to register to attend.   Please contact Ronda Johnson at  rondaj@cnncoalition.org or at (503)823-2780 to register, for this free training.  She will send out the Zoom links.

  1. Identity-Based Privilege and Disadvantage
    We will explore the historical contexts of systemic oppression, learn about social identity groups and systems of inclusion and exclusion. To advance in our DEI journey it is important to understand your own privilege and intersectionality, and how to leverage your privilege to interrupt power dynamics in your networks. You will learn ways to support disadvantaged groups and how to practice DEI values in your daily life. December 5, 2022
  1. Anti-Racist Behavior and Allyship
    What is the difference between being anti-racist and being nonracist? We will explore how forms and expressions of racism work in tandem with each other to maintain a system of dominance, othering, and advantage/disadvantage based in race and other identities. We will learn anti-racist behaviors and strategies from a social justice standpoint, and what it means to be a compassionate ally. January 23, 2023

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