Basic NET Training (BNT) Jul 29 – Aug 20, 2023 

We are pleased to announce that registration for the next free, in-person Basic NET Training (BNT) cohort is open with 100 slots! Sessions will run on weekends July 29 – August 20, 2023, and you are qualified to register.

  • To provide flexibility, we are offering each of the four ‘Segments’ of training twice during this training period.
  • To complete Basic NET Training (BNT) you must attend three days of Classroom training (Segments A, B, and C), plus one Final Field Exercise (FFE). Pick one date for each that fits your schedule. 
  • It is recommended that you take Segment A first but it is NOT required. Your FFE always comes last, after completion of A, B, and C.


Required Segment Saturday option
Sunday option
A 07/29 08/06
B 08/12 07/30
C 08/05 08/13
Final Field Exercise (FFE) 08/19 08/20


How to register: Log in to your MyImpactPage account where you will find these four Basic NET Training (BNT) events listed in the Opportunities section. Sign up for one date for each Segment. If you have difficulty logging in or signing up, see #1 below.

Then start reading the Basic NET Training Standard Syllabus!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am having trouble logging in and don’t want to miss this chance!
    Check out the Portal FAQ and reset your password. If that does not help, don’t fret, just reply to this email and we will figure it out. There is plenty of room in this cohort, and I do not anticipate running out of seats. If you want to participate, we want you to participate and will problem-solve. 🙂 Please note that I will be out of the office until July 10, so my reply to all inquiries will happen then.
  2. What if I cannot attend all four Segments?
    You may attend two or three days now and finish with the next cohort, but personally I do not recommend it. NET skills are perishable, and the goal of BNT is to gain all this new knowledge then give it a try at your Final Field Exercise while it is fresh. Stretching it out over several months is less effective, but you may if you must!
  3. What if I cannot participate in this cohort?
    No problem. Just wait for the next one, probably in the fourth quarter of 2023, dates TBD. We will not remove you from the Applicant pool unless you ask us to. Some Applicants take a year or more before they find a cohort that fits their schedule, and that is fine. If you cannot participate this time around, there is no need to tell us.
  4. Is BNT only offered on weekends?
    We have tried a weeknight, 10-week format in the past but the attrition rate is too high to justify the additional time and cost. If you are part of a group that can enroll at least 40 people into NET Basic Training, we can discuss holding a session at your location on a different schedule; contact us.
  5. Does PBEM provide help with childcare?
    Yes! Reimbursement for childcare is available through our partner Politisit. It’s simple: You apply in advance, you arrange for your own babysitter, then Politisit reimburses you after the training. See full details here:
  6. Is ridesharing available?
    Maybe. For now, register for the dates you want then let me know you would like to carpool; I have been able to find arrangements for folks in the past. TriMet also serves the class location, 4800 NE 122nd Ave, though TriMet schedules are limited on weekends.
  7. What ADA accommodations are available?
    Of course, we strive to meet all reasonable accommodation requests. The City of Portland ensures meaningful access to City programs, services, and activities to comply with Civil Rights Title VI and ADA Title II laws and reasonably provides: translation, interpretation, modifications, accommodations, alternative formats, auxiliary aids and services. To request these services please email net@portlandoregon.govor call 503-823-4000, City TTY 503-823-6868, Relay Service: 711.
    There also is an option to take most of the classroom training online for free; see section 3 here.
  8. I completed the training; do I need to attend the in-person classes?
    You only need to attend a few sessions that are specific to Portland NET, plus an FFE. Please send me your certificate of online completion and I will help you get you set up for this cohort.
  9. Details, I want more details!
    Then you want the Basic NET Training Standard Syllabus. For additional details specific to this cohort, please register and then sit tight. We will provide more info to guide you along your training path when appropriate; we have been running NET trainings for 29 years, and I promise that any questions you can think of will be addressed in advance. 🙂 Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for volunteering to prepare and protect our community!

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