Grant Park Neighborhood Association

The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, August 30, 2011 7:00pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Kate Davenport
Liz Alexander
Raj Dubey
Chris Hyde
MaryCal Hanson
Guests in attendance:
Tom Richardson and Steve Lemm from the USPS

No minutes available to approve at this time. They will be available at the next meeting.

Treasury Report:
Ending balance $6,676.92. Gregg Sneller has sent an invoice for the newsletter printing.

Tom Richardson and Steve Lemm presented important information regarding the US Postal Service (USPS) crisis that has been brewing for some time. The USPS is losing money and reviewing job cuts in addition to closures of some state post offices. These gentlemen wanted to educate the board members in attendance how the UPSP works. There has been a 3 year hiring freeze with only “temp employees” being hired. There employees get no benefits and unstable hours and routes of delivery. There have been no tax dollars collected since 1982 to fund the USPS. Postal employees have been required to overpay (prefund) their retirement funds (the CSRS and FERS) which was mandated by Congress in 2006. If the USPS didn’t need to fund the accounts the Inspector General reports that the USPS would be able to operate in the black. The USPS is also trying to expand their services to increase income and provide much needed one stop services to the public. At a much lower rate than either UPS or FedEx.

Tom and Steve are requesting a draft letter of support from the GPNA Board. Katie Davenport agreed to write the letter and send it to the USPS at the NE 42nd street office.

GPNA bylaws:
The board members in attendance read through the by-laws. There were just a few minor changes that were approved by all in attendance. The wording under the Communications officer (CO) was reviewed and was decided to delete the section that the CO would not need to update the membership and mailing list.

Agenda items for October 4th, 2011 meeting:
Leaf Removal: Shoshana from NECN has sent out information re: the changes in the upcoming Portland leaf removal program. Stay tuned for more info on that issue.

Raj Dubey was wondering if the GPNA could assist her and her neighbors of getting a new street light on NE 34th Avenue.

Review and complete the donation guidelines request form.

GHS Environmental Club donation request needs to be completed.

Gregg Sneller and Liz Alexander reworked a Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) for the new preschool at the GP Baptist Church. Liz read the agreement and it sounded good to the board members present.

The complaint from a GP neighbor regard the noise at the Hookah lounge "Kush" needs to be completed? Ron was going to look into this agenda item.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm
Minutes by MaryCal Hanson

Next general meeting: scheduled for October 4, 2011, Tuesday


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