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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, May 3, 2011 7:00pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Geoff Hyde
Ron Laster
Liz Alexander
Cori Jacobs
MaryCal Hanson
Kate Davenport
Guests in attendance, minutes recorder:
Chris Hyde
Gregg Sneller
Katy Asher from NECN
In addition several neighbors were in attendance and names on sign in.

Officers Tony Hill and Ryan Reagan came and gave the latest information in relation to Grant Park and mentioned that things have been pretty slow right now. The police department will be getting new uniforms and a new computer system. The white Toyota that has been in the Beaumont-Wilshire area was discussed and the officers again recommend calling anything suspicious into the non-emergency number 503-823-3333.

Meeting minutes from the last 4 meetings were read and approved. May 2010, Oct. 2010, Dec. 2010 and Feb. 2011. These will be sent to Katie and posted online.

beginning balance was $5,563.97 as of March 2010 there were two $90.00 funds received for the newsletter and $862.25 dispersed for various items. Attached information is on the back of the agenda with an ending balance of $4,881.72.

North, NE Business Association Event:
Ron Laster presented the group with information on an upcoming event that will be put on by the North, NE Business association. They are putting together a 2011 MLK Dream Run on August 13th or 20th. Date couldn't be confirmed at this time. Ron was requesting a letter of endorsement from the GPNA. There was a motion made to endorse this event. The motion passed unanimously.

Summa Institute:
Amber Kara made a brief presentation to the group regarding Summa Institute. This is a new school that was hoping to set up classes with in the Grant Park Baptist Church (GPBC) . They have held an open house for the public. Unfortunately there are too many costly building and safety improvements that the GPBC would need to do in order to be in compliance with city safety codes.

Clean Up:
Cori Jacobs was unable to attend this meeting but things are on track for a successful Clean Up. NECN will send Gregg the insurance info. It was also brought to the attention of the group that we would be adding a battery recycling station. This will also be added to the next years Clean Up.

Christine Hyde gave out handouts and then talked about SALT (Safety and Livability Task Force). Christine is the GPNA representative to this group. They are working in conjunction with POEM (Portland Office of Emergency Management). The NECN has $1,500.00 to assist in developing risk reduction strategies. Several areas that they are focusing on include: earthquakes, severe weather, floods just to name a few. If there are other ideas please contact Christine Hyde. Also if you'd like to be more involved with this project Christine is the contact at Geoff and Christine Hyde are the representative from the GPNA for any NECN issues. Christine was unanimously voted into an at large position on the board.

Land Use and other Issues:
Community Economic development for N & NE Portland have several activities in the upcoming months.

  • There is a breakfast on May 12th.
  • A couple of projects are currently being worked on including the "Lost Portland neighborhoods" including Vanport and Giles Lake area.
  • The King neighborhood Farmers market is now open.
  • "Good in the Hood" June 24-26th at King School.
  • NECN board elections are to be held in June.
  • Hollywood neighborhood has a new apartment development that would go in next to the theatre. There will be a design review of the project and in its current form the fašade of the theatre will be blocked.
  • Gas station at 33rd and Broadway has been empty for some time and is a concern for vagrant activity. No one seems to know what is happening to it. It was going to be upgrades and reopened as a gas station with or without a food mart but without a repair shop attached

Grant Park Bowl update:
The deadline was April 6th 2011 for the Friends of Grant Park athletics to raise the required money. This goal was not achieved and there will be some funds that are attached to one of the upcoming bond measures.

New Items:

  • Neighbors Andrea and Ian McCLoud wanted some assistance in regard to the Mackin autobody shop that has fumes that limit outdoor activities for the McCLouds. GPNA recommends that these neighbors contact Mackins and try to work out a compromise. Try to obtain a "commitment to response". Keeping a log of dates, times of days and smells would be helpful. GPNA will assist if/when these steps don't improve the situation.
  • Casey Lam from GreenSavers at 36th & Sandy is an ally of the Energy trust and Clean energy works of Portland. Just wanted to let the group know that there are some financial incentive to help improve energy efficiency of people's homes.

There are currently 5 open board positions and several candidates includeing President-no candidates, Vice President- Ron Laster, Treasurer: Raj (Arjay) Dubey, Communications, Katie Davenport, Secretary, Mary Cal Hanson. Several at large positions which Christine Hyde, Cori Jacobs and Liz Alexander are interested in. A motion was made to vote in the above members to the positions. Motion seconded and approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm

Minutes captured by MaryCal Hanson

Next general meeting: scheduled for May 3, 2011, Tuesday


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