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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 7:00pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Geoff Hyde
Kate Davenport
Guests in attendance, minutes recorder:
Chris Hyde
other community members (no roster)

$1,000 from city for communication fund through 6/30/2011 (end of city fiscal year) $357 paid for fall newsletter; $70 paid to Fernwood school students to sort newsletter; $340 paid to print winter newsletter. One checks outstanding made payable to Grant High School grad party.

The Future of GNPA-After the Elections:
Office positions that will be open:
President and Treasurer positions will need to be filled; Geoff will not re-run. Vice President may be available as well; Ron has not been present the last year. Nominations can be forwarded to Geoff at This email address if for the existing GPNA presedent. Land Use is also a separate role currently being filled by President. Each position has a job description for more details. One of President's job is to invite speakers to general meeting. Next elections will be held in May; term is for one year. Residents can nominate themselves.

Bylaws, Quorums and Board members Bylaws currently stipulate 4 board meetings and 4 general meetings. Quorum for general meeting is 2 more attendees than board. Geoff will review bylaws and present suggested changes by next board meeting. Changes must be presented for at least 2 meetings before being voted on.

Increase participation - New directions? NECN Workshop?
NECEN has offered a workshop with the new board to teach/share ideas on how to increase participation.

Other view and perceptions:
GPNA lacks a lot of topics related to new or re-development and connections with businesses.
Lack of input/involvement from Grant High and Fernwood schools. Grant High grade school boundaries is a hot topic which GPNA had little visibility to; out of the loop. PPS doesn't reach out to GPNA muc; government entities are very siloed. GPNA school liaison could not penetrate the schools; schools appear to be actively evasive. GP is a very healthy and prosperous neighborhood; we should be more hooked into school happenings and celebrating their successes. Consider having general meetings at the high school and obtaining a student liaison; need to find out if there are costs to host GPNA meetings.

Future Meeting Structures
Newsletter and Web Site-Interactive? Current meeting structure is meetings October through May; no summer. A lot of N/NE neighborhoods combine board/general meetings the same night with the first 15-30 minutes being board business. Something to consider with change in by-laws. Only 2 NA's in NECN host meetings in summer. Board meeting must be open/public meeting.

Website needs to be enhanced to be more interactive to encourage neighbor connections. Katie willing to monitor any discussion groups. As a reminder GPNA PDX website URL is" There are other "Grant Park Neighborhood" websites in other parts of the country. Newsletter is hand delivered; there are no problems with delivery of newsletters at this time.

Cleanup Planning:
Need to establish a May date for clean up. City wants the clean up before June 1st due to end of fiscal year activities. Cory James is GPNA clean up coordinator. Katy from NECN will invite Cory to NECN Clean Up Kick off meeting 2/17 at NECN Office, 5:30-7:30 pm. Purpose is for all coordinators to share ideas and possibly resources. Location: GP Church Parking. 5/21 is currently open and Greg from GP Church will hold that date until confirmed by Cory/GPNA board. Else 5/14 is also open.

Old Business:
Announcements from Katy @ NECN: Columbia River Crossing (bridge) forum 3/7, Monday. Time and location to be confirmed. Hosted by NECN & Concordia. They would like GPNA representation. NECN awarded $14,000 in grants to neighborhoods for various project such as oral history, grafitti abatement, etc. Total amount asked was $40,000.

New Business:
GHS sports field open house scheduled for 2/15 in GHS foyer was postponed. Announcement received yesterday. Katie will post update on website when advised of new date.
Albina Fuel - they are dismantling final building and then will stop all the 'excavation'. They would like to sell the property and are marketing original development idea.

Meeting adjourned

Minutes captured by Chris Hyde

Next board meeting: scheduled for March 8, 2011, Tuesday
Next general meeting: scheduled for May 3, 2011, Tuesday


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