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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 7:00pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Geoff Hyde
Kate Davenport
MaryCal Hanson
Cori Jacobs
Guests in attendance, minutes recorder:
Maryls Mock (PPS)
Bob Downing (PPR)
Jeff Lewis (PPS)
Renee Kroupa (DOWA Architecs)
Katy Asher (NECN)
Steve Metkey (GP neighbor)

Introductions were made and the meeting was started with Marlys opening with the Grant Park Bowl project overview and current designs from Renee at DOWA architects. DOWA architects have been specializing in educational facilities since 1983. Will primarily be the landscape architects /engineers. The goal is to start this project by May 2011. This start date is somewhat flexible and dependant of financing. DOWA has met with the GPHS coaches and provided schematics. Currently there are 3 different areas: (A) Mark Cotton field (the bowl)-the track will be replaced and artificial turf wil be added to the interior field area. There will be enhancements to the north, improved access road to the fields, possible bollards, no permanent fencing around the fields and improved pedestrian lighting on the path along 33rd Ave. (B) baseball/soccer area- this too will be converted to artificial turf and some sort of berm will be added along US Grant. This berm will be approximately 3-4 feet in height. And finally (C) Hollyrood field will be replaced with grass turf with field improvements/leveling. The completion date is August 2011.


  • Dog park changes? There are no planned changes to the dog park area at this time.
  • The Breezeway area? (area between the tennis court and the swimming pool)? There is some discussion about improving the lighting in that area.
  • Which company will DOWA be using? The company has not been chosen yet. The company that completed the fields at Buckman middle school was from the Salem area. There is still some concern about drainage from the artificial turf.
  • Transition areas? It will depend on the final plans, but there will be some sort of clear transition markers, like curbs.
  • Lacrosse/ no net hours will be added.
  • PPR won't increase or decrease the field activity. There are no more reserved hours available for field activity. Activity hours won't be too early or too late in the day. Hours not clearly established at this time.
  • Will there be a warranty for the artificial turf? Geoff mentioned that the use of javelins, shot puts and other equipment can "void: any turf warranty. DOWA will follow up with the ins and outs of the turf contract. Friends of GP bowl (FGPB) currently have raised $250,000.00 in donations and have requested another $500,000.00 in grant money that has not been secured at the time of this meeting. The goal is $3 million before the full project can proceed but FRGPB, PPS & PPR may try to figure out a way that they might do it in incremental stages. The rules/regs clearly state that there types of projects may not proceed until ALL the funds are available before the project starts. The MOU is valid for 2 years.
  • Turf replacement? Currently there is nothing in writing in the MUO re: replacement costs and who would be responsible for this. Eventually there will be a plan in place to cover replacements costs.

Steve Metkey wanted the GPNA board members to be aware of the "on-line" wine business at 28th & Hancock. He is concerned that the neighbors will start similar "home businesses". Geoff has been tracking this project for several months. He will follow up with the OLCC re: licensure accuracy and report back as to what is going on.</p>

Emily Hicks: response to her email re: GPNA meeting minutes from October 2010 general meeting. This was discussed at a previous meeting and there weren't enough board members to finalize any steps. But per this discussion it was decided that the minutes were accurate and Emily just disagreed with how they were presented. It was agreed that we will add her comments as an addendum into the October general meeting minutes. The motion was seconded and approved. August & November 2010 Board meeting minutes have been approved unanimously.

Ron Laster sent all the GPNA board members an email re: discussing the possibility of donating money to the FGPB project. Concern was raised that Ron has not been at any general or board meetings since September 2009. The GPNA board may need to review the bylaws and his position on the board. It was motioned and unanimously agreed to that no money would be donated to the FGPB because this isn't how we have donated to a group in the past. The group can request funds to the board if desired.

Treasury Report:
no change in the accounts receivable or accounts payable. Ending balance is $5095.97.

Safety and Livability team (SALT):
formerly known as PSAL. This is a committee that deals with neighborhood concerns which may vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Not just crime issues. If interested Katie Davenport or Christine Hyde are GPNA representatives. Send ideas to GPHS: there has been a formal letter sent from the GPHA Senior Party requesting a donation. It was motioned and approved unanimously to donate $100.00/ Geoff will send the check.

has several meeting/activities/trainings coming up. Check out their website for times and dates.

GPNA website:
ongoing but Katie and Geoff will try and set up a Yahoo or Google groups site. GPNA will continue to discuss and work on this project. Newsletter timeline was set up. It will be 4 pages.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

Minutes captured by Mary Cal Hanson

Next general meeting: scheduled for February 8, 2011, Tuesday
Next board meeting: scheduled for March 8, 2011, Tuesday


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