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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, October 5, 2010 6:30pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Geoff Hyde
Kate Davenport
Liz Alexander
Merryl Mix
Cori Jacobs
Mary Cal Hanson
Tony Hill and Ryan Reagan (Portland police)
Bob Setterberg from the Oregon Historical Society (OHS)
John Bartholemew
Emily Hicks

Meeting is called to order and the agenda is approved.

Treasury Report:
Ending balance is $5,452.97

The police officers reported very little criminal activity in the neighborhood. There was a home burglary on NE 47th & Sandy. The perp has been apprehended. There's been some gang activity outside the GPN area.

Bob Setterberg from the Oregon Historical Society (OHS) was in attendance to explain the upcoming levy measure 26-118 to establish a permanent fund to develop an independent sustainable fund for the OHS. The cost to the public is about 5 cents/$1000.00 of assessed property value over 5 years. Otherwise the OHS will need to close its doors to the public & may need to move, with limited access to researchers.

John Bartholemew also spoke on another upcoming election issue. This was on voter owned elections (26-108). This measure established a public fund for any public citizen running for the offices of: City Council, Mayor and auditor. To qualify the candidate must raise $5.00 from 1000 citizens & no other monies. The candidate can then obtain up to $500,000.00 from the fund. This is a ballot measure make election fund raising more transparent to the public. If the measure is not approved the funding will no longer be available to candidates.

Emily Hicks: came to our meeting because Commissioner Fish has be unable to attend any of our previous offers to speak at a GPNA meeting. The hot topic was the "Leaf fee" that was recently approved by the commission. This is a $15.00-30.00 fee to areas residents to fund the leaf removal program in highly treed neighborhoods. Leaves left in the street create several hazards and extra costs to the city to try and keep storm drains clog free. If you have questions/complaints please contact Emily.
(Comment by Emily Hicks about the minutes)

Grant Park Fields update: This is still a hot button topic. The process used by the city & PPR has been frustrating and somewhat secretive, and exclusionary with regard to including any members from the GPNA. Emily Hicks (see above info) and/or Commissioner Fish are the contacts. Katie requested that Emily write an article for the next newsletter. The Memo of Understanding (MUO) can be terminated if the criteria aren't met. The private group Friends of GP Athletics has begun fund raising. There is also a website and a time line available. Geoff voiced concern about the issue of increase in number of games/programs/activities at the park. Ms. Hicks was unable to comment on the process or these issues.

GPNA Elections: Merryl Mix has resigned as Treasurer. We will miss her input, diligence and humor at future meetings. Geoff will temporarily take over the Treasury activities. All other board members were unanimously voted to keep their current positions. The next GPNA board meeting will be November 2nd, 2010.

Ann Pearson was also in attendance this evening and wanted to let us know that there is also a ballot for a stabilized funding levy for the library. The ballot would create a "library district". This would remove the funding activities to be removed from the politicians and sent directly to the public. Currently this is readdressed every 5 years.

New Business:
The newsletter time line was clarified for the next newsletter. Katie has a new person to help manage the website. Esther Jones is her name. Hopefully she will be able to come to the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Minutes submitted by Mary Cal Hanson


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