Grant Park Neighborhood Association

The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, August 24, 2010 6:30pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Geoff Hyde
Merryl Mix
Cori Jacobs
Mary Cal Hanson
Gregg Sneller

The agenda was approved and the minutes from January and March 2010 Board meeting were approved.

Treasury Report:
Ending balance is $5,713.97

CLEAN UP- the board would like to establish a base amount of funds to have available to cover the annual Neighborhood Clean Up day plus a bit of a cushion. Will discuss at a future meeting.

GPBC printing proposal: GPBC has presented a formal request for a price increase in the printing of the GPNA newsletters. Original proposal was for 3 cents/page which is less than any other tenants using the copy machine. GPBC is now proposing increasing that rate to 0.045 cents/page. Other financial costs were presented. The cost of a single page newsletter is $351.00 and a double issue runs about $702.00 (with staples ($727.00) All of the paper is supplied by GPNA (Ron Laster). This proposal was discussed and passed unanimously.

Legal Status of GPNA? We are currently a nonprofit organization under the 501-(4c) designation. This allows us as a group to endorse candidates, initiatives and referendums. Geoff is going to continue to find out more information and review our "articles of incorporation" to get a clear picture of some of our options under this designation.

Several ?'s have been raised including: What is our responsibility in regard to our financial status? Do we want to change to a 501 (3c)? Advantages/disadvantages? What is the fiduciary relationship between GPNA and NECN?

Commissioner Fish was invited to speak to the GPNA Board and the leaf tax. Wasn't in PDX tonight and no representative was available.

FUTURE Meetings: other county commissioners, Metro candidates, other candidates, Oregon Historical Society, Grant High School (GHS) has a new principal, NECN-they'd like to facilitate a GPNA board retreat.

NEWLETTER issues were discussed and datelines were established for articles, delivery to Gregg and delivery to neighbors.

Meeting place alternatives? Geoff will check with Fernwood & GHS or NECC?

PARKING? Does GP neighborhood need to consider parking permits? Geoff will attend a meeting about this issue.

Irvington Historical District: Mary Piper would like to come to a meeting to introduce herself and to explain the process that Irvington is working on to establish that neighborhood as a Historic district. She will also explain some of the issues/concerns of neighbors.

The Energy Trust: will try to invite a representative to a General meeting.

ELECTIONS: the officials of the GPNA will hold an election at the next General meeting. That meeting will be in October.

Old Business:
Need to establish guidelines for financial requests from groups rather than there not being enough time to research the organization and the real need to financial assistance from GPNA.

The Fernwood baseball field is still an issue for some of the surrounding neighbors. There is a GP public spaces meeting at Fernwood in the near future.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35
Minutes submitted by Mary Cal Hanson


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