Grant Park Neighborhood Association

The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, March 30, 2009 6:30pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Geoff Hyde
Merryl Mix
Kate Davenport
Mary Cal Hanson
Greg Sneller
Paige Coleman (NECN director)
Lauren McCarthy (NECN liaison)
Lisa Turpel (PPR)
Eileen Argentina (PPR)
Les Pearlman (Hollywood Star reporter).

Since Katie had to leave early the Newsletter was moved to the top of the Agenda. Then the agenda was unanimously approved.

Primary article will be re: the Clean Up. There is also a new Newsletter processing and delivery coordinator. Her name is Marianne Lynde.

Portland Parks and Rec (PP&R) update:
Grant Park Bowl field improvements. PP&R, Portland Public Schools (PPS) and Friends of Grant Park Athletics (FGA). There are still several unanswered questions and concerns from the GPNA. For example: dog waste, sewer capability, maintenance, other public health risks and most noticeable is the lack of public involvement in the process. There were no public meetings and guidelines to the process were not followed by the above groups. GPNA is also frustrated with the $2 million set aside for field improvements in the depressed economy and possible school closures in the district. Most of the info re: artificial turfs have been provided by the companies that manufacture the turf. Shouldn't the agencies be looking for non biased/scientific info also?
GPNA was also excluded from the "Memo of Understanding" (MOU) with regards to this project even when it's been clear that GPNA would like to be more involved and have better access to info and meetings/planning.

Northeast Coallition of Neighborhoods (NECN):
Paige Coleman recommends GPNA write a letter to commissioners Fish and Fritz along with the other city commissioners re: neighborhood concerns.
Paige also recommended a GPNA board member retreat to concentrate on direction board should be heading toward and how to improve things that we currently do.
Merryl will b checking in with Concordia NA re: legal fees and the lawyers (s) they've used in the past for neighborhood issues.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm
Minutes taken by Mary Cal Hanson


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