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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, February 23, 2009 6:30pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Geoff Hyde
Merryl Mix
Kate Davenport
Mary Cal Hanson
Liz Alexander
Gregg Sneller, two GPNA neighbors and the writer from the Hollywood Star. (Doug, Myrtle, Les).

Meeting called to order and board members introduced themselves. Moved and approved the agenda without any dissents.

Two police officers were on hand to give a report re: crime in the neighborhood. The officers were Ryan Reagan & Tony Hill. The officers reported than crime reports in GPNA are down with very few burglaries. There had been a murder near Fred Meyers. A suspect has been apprehended and it seems to have been two transient having an argument that got out of hand. The officers will return to the GPNA meeting in March with crime stats for the neighborhood. The board voiced its appreciation for the officers great work, as did the neighbors in attendance.

Clean Up:
May 15th, 2010. Cori wasn't in attendance but it looks like she's got things on track. Need to distribute signs.

Marianne Lynde will be the new newsletter coordinator. GPBC gets free ads in all the newsletters as an agreement to donate their building, heat, lights etc for the GPNA.

Grant High School:
GHS Seniors party coordinator sent GPNA a very nice Thank you note. Which was passed around for all the board members to read.

Geoff notified the GPNA that the BDS didn't do its due diligence with code enforcement in the Concordia neighborhood. Several neighbors spoke out about this issue. Concordia neighborhood is considering a lawsuit against the city for this blatant disregard for code standards and has requested that neighboring NA assist with funds to help move the lawsuit forward. But as there wasn't a quorum a motion wasn't able to be taken. Merryl will invite a representative from the Concordia NA to our next General mtg.

Hollywood Boosters are inquiring to neighboring NA about how they could revitalize/re-energize the Hollywood district. They are wondering what types of new businesses, events or promotions we'd like to see. One idea was a Plaza area for neighborhood activities, the Farmers market, last Thursday art/commerce activities.

Mynt Mens Club::
OLCC approved this business its requested liquor license as the owner had no criminal records. He is working with Sullivans Gulch NA (SGNA) on a "Good Neighbor" agreement. We will watch the progress of this business and its activities in the neighborhood.

School Update:
The goal of the Portland school board (PSB) is to try and "equalize" Portland area High schools. The plan is still unclear on how to best achieve this goal. There may be school closures or mergers, changes into more magnet school. But there is no clear information on what his would entail. It was mentioned that it would be nice for the PSB to have open meetings for all of the neighborhoods that might be affected. Geoff will notify NECN to try getting a meeting with the PSB.

Park Update:
Portland P& R has submitted its proposal from the city with several changes from the original plan. Barriers have been lowered in regard to how the process was to work. One area is that the PP&R has NOT communicated well with the NA. In regards to Grant Park Bowl (GPB) the changes have been sent as an update versus a notification of the changes. PP&R is likely to go ahead with the installation of artificial turf at GPB. And most of the information that they are distributing comes directly from the manufacturer of the turf.

New Business:
-Albina Fuel: are the current owners are just cleaning up the site to try and make it more appealing for a future sale? No information is currently available at this time.
-Dec 1st, 2009 General meeting minutes have been unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm
Minutes taken by Mary Cal Hanson


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