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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 7:00pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Geoff Hyde
Merryl Mix
Cori Jacobs
Ron Laster
Board Members not present:
Kate Davenport
Mary Cal Hanson
Liz Alexander
Greg Sneller
Neighbors present: 3
Presenters: 4

Starts at NE 40th goes to NE 49th down Sandy - On Veteran's Day. Many participants in the parade, to include: Grant HS marching band, City Council members, Fire Dept., Police Dept., Chief Sizer, many Veterans - All spectators are welcome! Poster Display!

Agenda: moved to approve, seconded and unanimously approved.


8/25/09 Balance of $5,187.08, Funds Disbursed $283.50; Funds Received $1,000.00, current balance $5903.58

Land Use:
Major issue, property at US Grant Place and NE 28th. Property division was approved, there is an appeal before LUBA. There are frequent and numerous land use issues. GPNA hopes to have our web site more interactive and plan to have a link on the website - Land Use - so interested parties may review all issues city wide.

Approval of Minutes:
March 17, 2009 Board Meeting and April 28, 2009 General Meeting. Motion to approve minutes, Ron Laster - Second: Cori Jacobs. Unanimous approval

Notice of a Home Business with Mental Health Client 2622 NE 30th

Teri Geist, Principal of Beverly Cleary Fernwood and Hollyrood campuses
Third year of this K-8 configuration

200 students on Hollyrood campus K-1
400 students on Fernwood campus 2 -8

Goals: Teri wants to have all the students on one campus; unknown how, but plan Arts, Technology, some students blending grades, some 8th graders are going to the HS for classes

What would be disposition of Hollyrood building (Geoff)?
--Unknown, but very likely to be a school (headstart or preschool)

Neighbor with 1st grade student: Concern about 'bulge' of young kids getting ready to move to Fernwood campus. What is the plan?
---- Grant cluster is the only one in PPS that has not seen a decrease in enrollment

Joseph Malone, Principal at Grant HS
GPNA is welcoming Mr. Malone back for second year.

There are 1,630 students at Grant, more would like to transfer in, but PPS restricts this because will deplete programs at other schools. 450 of this years students are freshmen. Class size has stayed about the same, but some sections have had to be cut. The largest classes are calculus, PE, weight training- in the 50s. Many students are doing well, some are struggling. Administration and staff are working on after school support in academics.

Lots of clubs and activities help with positive classrooms and citizenship.

All students have a free bus pass for the year. This allows students to attend the sporting events throughout the year. The school will continue to working on getting artificial turf in the bowl so there can be home games.

GHS stresses that students behave as good citizens as they go out into the community (putting trash in cans)

Geoff: would like to see classes in finance and civics: is personal finance being considered district wide?

Any trouble spots?: Safety of students and staff is always a concern. Usually problems start outside of neighborhood and get carried to school.

Rider Advocates:
Explanation of concepts of city Neighborhood Coalitions and North East Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN); explanation of Rider Advocates Program. Under Trimet funding, due to serious budget cuts, Rider Advocate Program will not continue to be funded.

Questions: Have been grants considered? Working on that.

Motion (Ron) that GPNA writes letter to Trimet to reinstate the Rider Advocate Program as soon as funds are available. Second: Geoff Unanimous Approval

Explained by presenter, Buena Price

Need partners this year to help with census i.e. drop census information in the newsletter or include in article in newsletter. Census forms will be sent out in March. There are jobs available as census workers. Written information provided.

Ride Connection: no one in attendance

Old Business:
Need vote: Endorse the slate of officers from April 28th, 2009 elections or offer additional nominations. Vote to approve slate of officers, unanimous

Any ideas for future speakers? Please call or email the ideas by November 3rd to Board Members.

Question about police contact, crime statistics. Our police representative, Rick Deland, has not responded to email. Will follow up.

Next Board Meeting, November 3, 2009

Next meeting December 1st, 2009

Move to adjourn, 8:20 pm

Minutes by Merryl Mix


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