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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Special Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, Septembe 9, 2009 7:00pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Geoff Hyde
Ron Laster
Merryl Mix
Kate Davenport
Mary Cal Hanson
Liz Alexander
Board Members not present:
Cori Jacobs

This meeting was called due to the recent grievance letter that was written by a neighbor near the Fernwood fields and sent to the GPNA board.

Geoff has requested to review the meeting minute minutes from the May 13th, 2008 minutes to review the setting up of the Task force. Which was comprised of neighborhood volunteers, PP&R, PPS to meet, discuss issues and resolve outstanding issues re: the field changes. This group will then report back to GPNA with the results from these meeting(s).

It was realized that the GPNA board members did not sign off on the report given to them by the head of the Task force, Steve Taylor.

The steps that had been followed by GPNA:

  • neighbors came to GPNA with issue
  • GPNA suggests that neighbors form a task force to discuss issues and try and resolve them
  • encourage neighbors to take the lead/exchange addresses, set up meetings and discuss options/ideas.
  • meet
  • report back to GPNA (as an option?) but is under NO command to report back to GPNA.

Future issues process:

  • GPNA board members will need to be specific and outline the process recommended for moving conflict along in an orderly fashion. At this time GPNA is not out of compliance as this issue was not considered an "Ad-hoc" committee.
  • at some point in the process an member of the board should try and attend a meeting with the group
  • GPNA president must sign off on any "Good neighbor agreement".

At this point there is nothing the GPNA board can do in dealing with this grievance. If the originator of the grievance would like to attend a meeting and discuss options the board is willing to do that. GPNA's decision doesn't supercede city/county or state codes.

If GPNA were to vote on the grievance it could "invalidate" the process completed by the neighbors.

At this time we will wait for the neighbors concerned to contact the board and proceed from there. Geoff will discuss the issue with Chris (the originator) of the complaint.

Minutes by: MaryCal Hanson.

Move to adjourn, 8:10 pm


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