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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 6:30pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Geoff Hyde
Merryl Mix
Elizabeth Beeghley
Mary Cal Hanson
Ron Laster
Cori Jacobs
Three other GPNA neighbors and two reps from the Port of Portland (re: airport improvements)

Agenda: moved to approve, seconded and unanimously approved
Minutes from the November 2008 board meeting were unanimously approved.

Lise Glancy and Fletcher Hunt reported to the NA the future developments and improvements that will begin this May at PDX. Theres been a 3 yr planning process, which included 30 members of a planning advisory board. Stakeholders and public were extensively involved. The focus was to integrate planning process for PDX, City of Portland and metro community. The overarching focus included sustainability (economic, environmental and social) for growth through 2035. Both the North & South runways will be improved and extended. Therefore at certain times through out the process one of the major runways will be closed. The extension is to fix decaying runways and longer runways are needed for larger international flights. GP is right on the boundary of the current noise boundary from the airport. So using the south runway these next few months may see an increase in airplane noise. Just FYI!

Cori reported that the NECN will be reimbursing the NA at a lower rate this year than last ($650.00 vs. $1000.00 in '08) She got the unanimous support of the group to purchase reusable signs (20 signs for $200.00). Agreed to cont with current prices of $10.00 for car & $20.00 for trucks /vans. Has coordinated with the Vets, Schnitzer steel bringing trucks. Will f/u with Free Geek re: computers, cell phones etc. if they can assist.

Grant Park Kiosk:
Geoff reported that he will check on the cost & whether Park & Rec would build it (standardized template?). Will also check w/ Wilshire Park to get dimensions of their Kiosk. This needs to be an activated process under the Citizens Initiated Project.

Public Safety:
Ron addressed the group and asked the question of "what does public safety mean to you". He asked all in attendance this question and they included:

  • Gangs & gang activity
  • Graffiti abatement
  • Safety in Grant Park
  • Drug use in Grant Park
  • How best to inform the public "getting info out".
  • Safety for the young kids
  • Neighborhood security Police involvement
  • Speed on side streets by cars
  • Aggressive panhandling
  • Mentally ill

Portland does have the Gang Task Force, Graffiti abatement group and there are Park Rangers who patrol the parks. Ron will report these concerns to ONI/NECN and report back to GPNA at a future meeting.


Treasury report: Merryl reported that there was $4,298.58 in our account currently. She handed out a more detailed account of the treasurer report.

Land Use:
Geoff attended a recent meeting re: Portland Parks & Rec (PPR) 10 Great fields project. Commis. Nick Fish oversees PPR, Lloyd Lindley was also in attendance. It was very clear to Geoff that the City of Portland and PPR are NOT following the established process for improvements to existing parks in the Portland area. We will invite Nick Fish to our next general meeting to speak and be available for comments. Elizabeth B will contact his office. He is a neighbor of GPNA. He is experienced in the process and will hopefully explain pros and cons in addition to providing current information on the progress of the Great Fields program.

New Business:
Community Garden: Madhavi Sessions live in GPNA and wanted to inquire as to the ability to establish a community garden in the GP neighborhood. She has done the research and presented her findings to the group. There are grants available to assist in establishing a garden and water resource. This idea was warmly received although no one could come up with ideas as to where to place the garden.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm
Minutes taken by Mary Cal Hanson


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