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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, September 30, 2008 7:00pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Elizabeth Beeghly
Merryl Mix
Geoff Hyde
MaryCal hanson
Appx. 12-15 neighborhood members

Agenda: moved to approve, seconded and unanimously approved
May 2008 general meeting minutes moved to approved & seconded with a change from "a neighborhood task force" to "a group of concerned citizens." Minutes changed and approved.


Liz Alexander - per the good neighbor agreement between PICS, GPBC and GPNA, the annual newsletter was delivered to GPBC and PICS prior to this meeting.

Land Use:
Geoff Hyde - nothing to report at this time.

Merryl Mix - ending balance is $2,799.88.

Grant Park Development:
Liz Beeghley - has requested a five year history of usage and is following the process closley. She thinks that the artificial turf will be approved, but currently there are no funds to do this. Liz B will write a letter of inquiry to the City of Portland and BDS requesting more information on the process. She will also communicate the public health concerns re artificial turf. This letter request was approved, seconded and passed with one abstention.

Henry Stevens from City of Portland Environmental Services came to talk about some sewer lines that will be replaced between 28th & 33rd and Schuyler & Hancock. He was not sure about swales on these streets. This won't happen for at least 2-3 years to the tune of $1.5 million. Concern was raised about the time of year, summer vs school because these streets are very busy during the school year.

John Joseph from Tri-Met talked about some upcoming route changes that will affect Grant Park neighborhood: Route #10 and the "green" MAX line along 205. Route #10 changes brought some discussion about increased bus traffic on 33rd, security depending on where bus stops will be located, access difficulties for elderly and handicapped citizens. Tri-Met is working hard to get information to the riding public. Check the web site for more information. There will be a public hearing on the route changes on December 1oth, 2008. The Portland plan is a comprehensive plan required by the state to review transportation issues. Streetcar along Sandy Blvd is in the 2nd tier of plaanning and will be open for comments until October. LCDC meeting needs information from around the state in decision-making for land use, roads, sewer and highway infrastructure. The review does not include schools

Grant High School:
GHS Principal, Joseph Malone, came to the meeting and gave a great speach and overview of his hopes, dreams and goals for GHS. He believes neighbors, teachers and students are all integral parts of GHS success. He has been with PPS for 27 years. Issues brought up by neighbors included cars speeding on 36th Ave. He has also brought the issue up to students and staff and will be monitoring this activity. He is talking with GHS student government to assist in info distribution to classmates and may need to re-instate policy activity to ticket students who speed. Smoking near Hollyrood school, trash and dress code were also brought up and noted by Mr Malone.

Fernwood Field:
Fernwood Field Good Neighbor (FFGN) agreement - Steve Taylor reported what the activity with this group has been and what is next. Two of the original five neighbors would NOT sign ithe FFGN agreement. There was some concern about how often there would be tournaments, cooked food vs concessions, loudspeakers. The group is still working out the times of games on Sundays, which will start at noon and contunue through the afternoon. PPS has fence control at this time. The backstop will be moved. Cage netting will be on top to reduce the number of foul balls leaving the field. Regarding the conditional use complaint, it is still being reviewed. The field is set up as K-8, so older students are not using the field inappropriately.

Lauren McCartney is the outreach coordinator who works with the 12 NE neighborhoods to provide resources to the NAs within the city for projects/community funds. This money iis issued as small grants from $250 - $5000. GPNA might coonsider requesting some of this funding to help in the GPNA clean-up (signage, advertising, etc) Applications are due Monday, November 3, 2008.


  • Elizabeth would like some historical info in the newsletter
  • GPNA unanimously will support the purchase of Blazer tickets to fund the Youth Gang project again this next year (2009)

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm
Minutes taken by Mary Cal Hanson


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