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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, August 19, 2008 7:00pm

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Elizabeth Beeghly
Merryl Mix
Geoff Hyde
Kate Davenport
Ron Laster
Liz Alexander
Gregg Sneller

Agenda: moved to approve, seconded and unanimously approved
June 2008 board meeting minutes moved to approved, minutes not available. No action.

President's position:
Liz will remain as President but some duties will be deligated. We need to do recruiting for the organization but not for officer positions. We will be having four meetings and will rotate responsibilities for chairing and leading meetings. We can divide the president duties into four areas chairing a meeting, dealing with external matters (Media, city bureaus and agencies, citizens or neighborhood matters). We can divide this up into these areas. Liz was asked if we divide this up what she would add to the list. Responsibilities were divided up in the following manners:

Chair General Meetings - The person running the General Meeting will confirm the agenda with the Communication's Officer so the agenda is in the Newsletter, contact any speakers and confirm their availability, run the General Meeting. Rotation of chairpersons are established as follows:

  • 9/30/08 Merryl
  • 11/25/08 Liz A.
  • 2/24/09 Ron
  • 4/28/09 Open

Dealing with City Bureaus - Liz Beeghly

Dealing with the media - Geoff Hyde

Dealing with the citizens - Ron Laster

Dates for future meetings:

  • 9/30/08 - Board
  • 10/21/08 - General
  • 11/25/08 - Board
  • 1/06/09 - General
  • 3/ /09 - Board
  • 4/28/09 - General
  • 5/ /09 - Board

Liz B. will make recommendations of future Board Meetings and sent via email to Board Members. Liz B. will contact ONI to let them know of dates

Newsletter - Kate Davenprt
Articles should be submitted to Katie by September 5th. Newsletter will be delivered to Grant Park Church on September 9th and should be printed by September 11th or 12th. Merryl will gather a 'newsletter team' to fold, count and bag at the church. Merryl will coordinate with Greg re: the room. The newsletter 'packs' will need to be delivered to the deliverers by the 12th or 13th. The newsletters will be delivered to homes beginning at least by September 19th.

What should the newsletter have in it? Dates, announcements and issues for upcoming meetings. General announcements regarding meetings. A number of neighborhoods are going to postcards for meeting announcements. Let's be more conscious in the future about what we put in but not avoid controversial issues. Merryl will write the agenda for the next General Neighborhood Meeting, based on this meeting.

In this issue:

  • Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) outreach to GPNA - Lauren McCartney
  • Tri-met will come and talk about 75 line changes
  • New principals of Grant High and Fernwood & Beverly Cleary Middle School
  • Baby sitting
  • Information about schools and bios
  • leaf clean up
  • Grant High School book sale

Misc. Discussion
We talked about people who do not feel represented in this neighborhood and how to reach out. There was concern that community matters should be dealt with geographically but also with a place for underrepresented groups to be given a voice in our community. Then, how do we outreach to those who may not want to be outreached too? We have a senior center, some churches, and some schools in our neighborhood. Suggestion to get the newsletter to all those places. We are currently taking to schools, library and 42nd Street Station

A couple of candidates and bond issue calls have come in and been declined

There is a motion that Knott's speed limit will be dropping to 25 mph.

Liz A will give a PICS report at the neighborhood meeting.


Treasury Report:
$25 petty cash, $180 from advertisers, from NECN we have a receivable. Our balance is $2644.88

PICS School:
Liz Alexander - will be meeting with Skip to get out notice to immediate neighbors as required in GNA

Grant Park Bowl Development:
Liz Beeghly - Fernwood Field, will be moving the backstop to 50' from private property. Grant Bowl - the Parks Bureau is out of money, so changes are indefinitely on hold

Land Use:
Geoff Hyde - Portland Plan is ongoing, Geoff has not heard about any little things going on, Bicycle Transit is thinking about supporting a rolling stop, there is talk about the bike boulevard and the talk about the third runway is being put off at the airport. Land use officer decided Colwood should be open space. Fernwood Field, PPS and others have come up with an agreement that is potentially workable.

Need another person on the Bank Account. Liz B will do in September.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47pm
Minutes taken by Gregg Sneller and sent to Mary Cal Hanson


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