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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Elizabeth Beeghly

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Elizabeth Beeghly
Merryl Mix
Geoff Hyde
Kate Davenport
Ron Laster
Liz Alexander
Mary Cal Hanson
Jenny Taylor, Steve Taylor, Sam Taylor and Mike Faha (from Fernwood Field Task Force FFTF)

Agenda: moved to approve, seconded and unanimously approved.
March 2008 board meeting minutes moved to approved, seconded, unanimously approved.

Fernwood Field:
Steve Taylor from FFTF representative attended this meeting to give the board an update as to how the FFTF was progressing. They've had one meeting that was well attended. The next meeting is scheduled to be on June 16th, 2008. This will be after the new alternatives/changes to the field arrangement/configuration have been considered. PP&R meets June 9th with alternatives. Concerns still outstanding are noise and safety. Otherwise it was a good meeting, very positive. No agreement was made at this time although it was agreed that the FFTF doesn't want children or property hurt.

FFTF has made a request that the GPNA write something about this meeting of the FFTF and show the positive side of neighbor interaction to problem solve issues that arise.

GPNA will contact Steve Taylor once the schedule for the next years meetings are set to follow up w/ FFTF.

Steve also mentioned that there is another group of little league parents/supporters by the name of Friends of Fernwood field. These people are primarily out of the GPN boundaries. FFTF might want to contact this group in the future but for now the smaller group is working together well.

For the June 16th meeting they may also include a sports field architect. On June 23rd BDS gives feedback to PP&R and public (?) input. BDS is involved because an unknown neighbor has filed a complaint re: Fernwood field.

FFTF goal: to have fields ready for full use by the start of school Sept 2008. GPNA wants to recognize the FFTF achievements somehow. Liz A & Liz B will be contacted and come up with some way to recognize achievements.

Mike Faha wanted to put GPNA on notice that this sort of thing needs to be avoided with the GPBD project that is upcoming.

Ron wanted to remind everyone about the purpose of the GPNA to encourage governmental oversight to be fair, open and transparent so that all the checks are checked and balanced prior to proceeding with projects so that this doesn't happen.

Board Business:
Dates for the next calendar year were established:
-August 19th - Board meeting
-September 30th - General meeting
-October 28th - Board meeting
-November 25th - General meeting
-January 6th - Board **plan Clean Up date **
-February 24th- General meeting ** plan Clean UP date **

Still open for finalization of dates:
-April? - Board meeting
-May 26th - General meeting
-June 9th, 16 or 23rd - Board meeting


Treasury Report:
Merryl reports no changes to bottom line from last month. She did make a motion to have some petty cash available to purchase small items on a quicker basis. Seconded motion and approved unanimously for Merryl to have $25.00 petty cash.

Land Use:
Geoff went to the NECN meeting and brought up the need to change how/when Nan's are contacted re: property changes that could affect neighbors/neighborhoods. He was encouraged to make a motion at the next NECN meeting re: this issue.

Grant Park Bowl Development:
Liz B. will reschedule a meeting with Lisa Turpel. BDS has rendered a verdict that "artificial turf" (AT) will be considered "vegetation". This may reduce the review process for GPBA to get permits for AT. There are still outstanding issues re: usage. This needs to be clarified. Otherwise there are no conditional reviews or land use issues up fro GPBD.

Next newsletter will be 4 pages only. We'll need to reduce the filler. Pay attention to length of articles. Need to try and contact GHS or Fernwood to have students write articles? Merryl recommended not using the GPBC to print, as there are time issues. Willing to pay a bit more with Ron printing newsletter for convenience and time involved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm
Minutes submitted by Mary Cal Hanson


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