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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Elizabeth Beeghly

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Elizabeth Beeghly
Merryl Mix
Geoff Hyde
Kate Davenport
Ron Laster
Liz Alexander
Mary Cal Hanson

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. The board members introduced themselves to the public attendees.
Agenda for meeting were unanimously approved.
Ron presented some general meeting rules to emphasize the respect and neighborly atmosphere that will be allowed during the meeting.
All members of the attendees showed support for the rules with raised hands.

Ric Deland- Portland Police officer arrived and gave a brief overview of the most recent illegal activities in the Grant Park neighborhood. Its been primarily spray painting of cars. The police have made two arrests. One is a Grant HS student while the other is a Cleveland student.
Ric wanted to emphasize the need to report ALL crimes to the police. This helps in stats, tracking and fund allocation for police officers.
Otherwise nothing new to report regarding Grant Park and police activities.

Fernwood Field:
About 10 neighbors chose to speak up about the recent events re: Fernwood field (FF). All comments were recorded on the back of each request to speak form.
Elizabeth mentioned that the City of Portland agreed to her notification that there were some code violations that were overlooked when the permits to modify FF.
There was a motion made and seconded and then amended and seconded that the GPNA would write a letter, After all the speakers were concluded it was decided that a Task Force will be organized by Grant Park neighbors to try and resolve some of the issues w/ Fernwood field, Portland parks and recreation and PPS. These volunteers left their names, addresses and phone numbers. Mary Cal will make copies (done) type up a quick letter and mail out the names to the Task Force volunteers. (done 5/17/08).

Grant Park Bowl Development:
Elizabeth Beeghly reported that since the last GPNA newsletter Doug Capps from PPR and sent an email out stating tat the GPD is now been tabled. He was unable to attend the GPNA meeting tonight. Will make every effort to attend the next GPNA general meeting in September. At that time he should be able to have more information about the process and the funding for the field improvements.


Treasury Report:
Treasury Report By Merryl Mix is as follows
Balance as of 2/08 = $ 2866.00
Account receivable = $ 3143.00
Accounts payable = $ 3000.00
Ending balance = 2936.00

Land Use:
Geoff Hyde reported that there havent been any new Land Use issues. The permit was approved for the on line wine shop. As there were no neighborhood oppositions.
-Hollywood liquor store has changed hands.
-The Portland Plan: the light rail/trolley changes. Information is on the city website. There is a subcommittee reviewing wants/needs from the public.

-President: Elizabeth Beeghly was unanimously voted into the position
-Vice President: Ron Laster was also unanimously approved for VP.
-Treasurer: Merryl Mix volunteers and was unanimously supported and the new GPNA treasurer.
-Communications Officer: Katie Davenport will continue to be our communications representative without any opposition.
-Land Use: Geoff Hyde won this coveted position. Advancing from Member at large to official Land Use chair.
-Secretary: Mary Cal Hanson will continue unopposed as secretary.

Cori Jacobs was able to give a great report of the GPNA Clean Up. Looks like we made $120.00. She also made a few recommendations:
-better and more advertising
-better and earlier notification in the GPNA newsletter
-additional notification in the Hollywood Star
The main complaint from attendees was the increase in price. Mary Cal went to the Parkrose Clean Up last weekend and the prices were the same as at GPNA Clean Up.

Minutes approved:
December 2007 & February 2008 general meeting minutes were approved unanimously. Approved copies will be sent to NECN and added to the webpage.

there will be no summer GPNA general meeting and just one board meeting on June 3rd.
-Radio tower at GHS. The representative declined to come to this meeting and the tower will be voted on prior to our next general meeting.
-a neighbor wanted to let us know that our website is missing a link to be able to access the map/boundaries of the Grant Park neighborhood.
-another neighbor form NE 36th & Thompson is having trouble with graffiti on his street. Last year Mike Kinney was able to assist him. Ron will check w/ Mike. It was also recommended to contact the Principal and VP at GHS re: assistance in graffiti removal.
-GHS will be getting a new principal next year. GPNA will try and invite person to a meeting.
-GHS is getting a new PTA president: Mike Overton. Will also try and invite him to a meeting.

A HUGE THANK YOU to GREG at GP Baptist church for helping coordinate meeting! Thanks Greg.

Meeting adjourned
Minutes submitted by Mary Cal Hanson


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