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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, March 25, 2008 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Elizabeth Beeghly

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Elizabeth Beeghly (EB)
Merryl Mix (MM)
Geoff Hyde (GH)
Kate Davenport (KD)
Ron Laster (RL)
Mary Cal Hanson (MCH)
Guest in attendance:
Bill Leonards (Concerned neighbor)

January 2008 Board meeting minutes approved unanimously.

Bill Leonards, a concerned citizen wanted to get more info about the changes that have taken place at Fernwood Middle school field. RL, EB & GH went to a meeting with Kathy Mincberg who is in charge of PPS. There have been some upgrades made to the athletic field at the Fernwood MS (FMS) recently. Prior to the upgrades GPNA wasn't involved or contacted re: changes. Several neighbors eventually contacted GPNA re: concerns.
It looks like PPS ignored the procedure process and didn't do ANY Land Use Reviews as the money to do the upgrade came from private citizens.
No permits were obtained from the City of PDX either. PPS or FMS also neglected to contact any of the recommended neighbors who might be affected w/ this change to the field and field usage.
ISSUES: transparency?
-- neglect of process standards?
-- is this the process that we can expect with PPS projects?

The Bureau of Development Service (BDS) has been contacted and there will be several violations issued. This recent situation will also be reviewed by Michelle Seward re: code compliance.
Kathleen Stokes is in charge of the Condition review and will determine if the FMS project should have been a Type 2 or Type 3. To trigger a Type # review would be increased hours of use: primarily by Hollywood Little league baseball.
ISSUES: increased traffic & parking?
-- increased sound (loudspeaker usage)?
-- seating?


Treasury Report:
In: $1135.00
Out: $1840.00
NECN still outstanding -- $835.00) EB might have this check in her mail. She will check on this and let MM know.

Grant Park Development Review (GPDR)
EB, RL & GH attended the meeting today (3/25/08) and the take home message from Kathy Mincberg & Doug Capps was "SO"!
The GPNA board members thought that PPS & others involved were very dismissive to concerns raised about the process by the groups involved in the GP Bowl improvements.
There will be another meeting with Doug Capps in 1-2 weeks where RL, EB & GH will try to attend.
PPS has set up an "Open House" to be held at FMS on April 26th, 2008 from 10 am - 2 pm.
This is the same date & time as our Annual Clean Up, which will make it difficult for the GPNA board members to attend. The Open House will be "INFORMATIONAL ONLY" and leave no room for further discussion.

-- replacement costs?
-- maintenance?
On March 30th, 2008 the Portland School Board will vote on the proposal as it has been approved and proposed by the PPS. GPNA (EB) will request in writing to Marlys (from ____________________) requesting all the information re: this project/process.
EB will also notify commissioner Saltzman re: the process and issues regarding GPB.
There will be a second Open House at FMS in the future. RL raised the question about contacting the Oregonian.

-Katie rounded up articles and info for the upcoming issue.

on schedule and will be April 26th, 2008 from 9 am until 1 pm.

-President: EB will be unable to continue in this position so RL made a motion to have EB & RL be "co-presidents". This was agreed upon unanimously.
-VP: no applicants @ this time - Treasurer: MM will continue in this position
-Land use Chair: GH has agreed to continue in this position -Communications officer: KD will continue in this position. She would like to get help with the web page.
-Secretary: MCH has agreed to continue in this position.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm
Minutes submitted by Mary Cal Hanson


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