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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, February 26, 2008 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Elizabeth Beeghly

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Elizabeth Beeghly
Merryl Mix
Geoff Hyde
Liz Alexander
Ron Laster
Mary Cal Hanson

Meeting called @ 7:00pm by Elizabeth Beegley. Moved and approved agenda (Ron moved, Merryl seconded). Unanimous approval of the agenda with no oppositions or abstentions.

Approved past general meeting minutes-Mary Cal Hanson. Due to late arrival will postpone until next meeting.

GPNA Board Elections are coming up May 13th. Neighbors are encouraged to consider running. There will be more information in the next newsletter.

Police Update: Ric Deland is the GP police contact from the Neighborhood Response Team. He has 7 neighborhoods, two of which he will regularly attend the neighborhood meeting: Grant Park and Alameda.
Discussion: concern about kids by the "out building" near the "off leash" area, smoking cigarettes, marijuana and leaving trash. Patrols: done by police and school police and administrators have increased. This may have contributed to the increased activity at Fernwood.
**Most important thing neighbors can so is for a Foot Patrol and neighborhood watch groups. **

If there is illegal activity in Grant Park PLEASE call the non-emergency number. If activity is during school hours call the school. If it's a real emergency call 911. Ric Delands email address is

-Grant Park Clean Up coordinator
-Foot Patrol - coordinator with help from Mary Tompkins
-Web site management (web master)
-Newsletter drop off/delivery
-Board of directors

School renaming: Currently there is a contest going on to assist Fernwood Middle school adopt a new name. Votes are trackable and each computer gets only one vote. There are 5 options and Carol Smith will compile the votes and choose the new name from the votes. (whichever name has the most votes)


Land Use:
Geoff wanted to let everyone know that to appeal a current land use request costs a citizen $250.00. If the neighbor comes to GPNA and pleads the case, the GPNA can file an appeal at NO COST. Each land use request is unique and the City of Portland interprets these as they come in. If there aren't and "glaring" issues" the request is approved. Pretty much if the request isn't any worse than it is now the request will be approved.
There will be an article explaining the process in an upcoming newsletter.

Grant Park Development Review (GPDR)
There's been no change or activity at this time. Elizabeth B. recently sent a strongly worded letter to PP&R and Lisa Turpel re: lack of information and lack of notice about issue having to so with the GPBD. The GPNA has consistently requested being involved and wanting transparency with the Conditional Use process. Elizabeth B has also contacted Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong to try and improved dialogue.

Treasury Report:
Currently GPNA has $2,906.09. Balance sheet is on record. GHS has put in a request for a donation to their Senior All Night party. Moves, seconded and approved with one abstention to donate $100.00.
NECN: 2nd annual fund raising for Youth Gang Program. GPNA bought 2 tickets @ $75.00 a piece.

Liz Alexander reported that the Task Force had its first Annual Good Neighbor meeting at the end of January. Neighbors were notified via email and flyers were delivered to each household within the established boundaries. Several of the neighbors attended the meeting. Skip spoke, as did a PICS student. There will be a tour of the school. Minutes were taken and distributed to the neighbors also. PICS is planning an Open House for spring 2008.
Liz wanted to remind the group to call Skip or Greg Sneller re: any issues w/ PICS students.

Fred Meyers Junior parade: Elizabeth was notified and a request was made to see if GPNA would support the parade. No financial request, just support. Moved, seconded and unanimously approved to support the parade.


Portland Symphony contacted Elizabeth B. re: why GPNA no longer made donations to help w/ the "Symphony in the Parks" program. Ron explained the history and con't increasing expense and limitations on GPNA. Ron will make contact with the person from the symphony and explain where GPNA stands on this issue. Moved to support "symphony in the Parks" with a letter only (nothing financial), seconded and approved with one abstention.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm
Minutes submitted by Mary Cal Hanson


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