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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Michael Kinney

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Ron Laster
Elizabeth Beeghly
KC Davenport
Mary Cal Hanson
Geoff Hyde
Merryl Mix
Board Members absent:
Karen Lewis
Sara Wild
Mike Heymann
Andy Mones

Agenda review and unanimously approved with no oppositions/no abstentions.

Minutes from October 2nd general meeting send via email, changes made re: Ron opening meeting and measure 49 is the measure putting measure 37 on hold. Updated version approved with no oppositions and no abstentions. Current minutes will be sent to Katie to place them on our website. She will indicate approved or pending approval on the website. (make subject line : For GPNA website!)

2008 general and Board meeting schedule: suggested dates:
Board: January 8th 2008
General: February 26th, 2008
Board: March 11th, 2008
General: April 29th, 2008 (officer elections?)
Board: May 13th (2nd Tuesday) or the 27th, 2008?
Board: August 19th, 2008
General: September 30th, 2008
Board: October 28th, 2008

Bylaw questions? How many general meetings/year must we have? When are the officer elections to take place? Should the bylaws be changed to just have 2 public readings before approval to speed up processing? Clarify bylaws so that it is clear re: multiple officer positions per person. There's a need to review and follow minimal board member attendance. Names of at large members who've not been in attendance requirement will be removed from newsletter and website. Merryl will start an Adhoc committee to review the bylaws and answer these questions.

Treasury Report: no new accounts payable or receivable so balance is the same as Oct 2nd meeting. Mike Heymann has accepted the treasury position with Merryl Mix withdrawing her name. Mikes temporary position was unanimously approved with no oppositions and no abstentions. Although Merryl did mention her willingness to assist the treasurer with any outstanding issues if needed. Mike brought up the need to increase the fees charged for advertising in the newsletter. He will also look into purchasing the Quick Books software to assist in the bookkeeping process. It was unanimously approved by the GPNA board at the last general meeting that Mike can purchase this software. Still waiting for reimbursement from ONI for Clean up.

PICS School report: Liz Alexander had little to report as things between the church school and the neighbors are going well. Earlier today there was an incident with a couple of PICS students and an undercover police officer in Grant Park. The administration of the school is handling the situation, closing the campus for several days and will keep neighbors apprised of ongoing process.

Newsletter: Katie is requesting articles to be submitted to her by November 5th deadline. Liz will write a letter žfrom the Presidents deskÓ. Ron will send a note about the upcoming Coalition Blazer ticket fundraiser in February. Geoff might report on Boeing and their desire to raise pollution standards for plane painting in NE PDX. There could be some news about a Bike boulevard. GHS, Fernwood events and school closure dates.

Grant Park Bowl Development report: nothing to report. This project is still in review at this time. Liz will continue to monitor any movement and report to the board as needed.

Land Use Report: Geoff Hyde mentioned that Cully neighborhood now has a regional park, which includes multiple use facilities. Also with plans for the airport there is a possible žgag ordersÓ re: airport future projects. Liz would like to send a note of objection re: property on 46th and Brazee remodel request and the variances requested.

Liz will try and make meetings more kid friendly and look into possibility of a paid baby sitter and access to the GPBC basement for an activity room.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm
Minutes submitted by Mary Cal Hanson


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