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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, October 2, 2007 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Michael Kinney

In attendance:

Board Members in attendance:
Ron Laster
Elizabeth Beeghly
Mary Cal Hanson
Geoff Hyde
Karen Lewis
Mike Heymann
Liz Alexander
Gregg Sneller
Merryl Mix
Board Members absent:
Sara Wild
KC Davenport
Andy Mones

Meeting called to order by Ron Laster. Roll call of board members in attendance. Ron, Geoff, Liz, Merryl, Mike H, Karen, Mary Cal, Liz, Liz Alexander, Gregg Sneller

Currently since Mike Kinney has resigned his positions as president and treasurer, Liz Beeghly has agreed to fill in as the temporary president until the end of the term (May 2008). Liz gave the group an overview of her reasons for wanting the position and her past working history w/ the City of PDX. She also mentioned that she has her MURP (Masters of Urban and regional planning). Sheís going to try and make the meetings more kid friendly too.

The agenda was approved unanimously.

The minutes were moved to approve and seconded. Approved w/ one abstention. (Mary Cal will modify minutes from August meeting to include Jason Baskins as the citizen representing Preservegrantpark,com).

Treasurer: position currently open. Merryl Mix and Mike Heymann have voiced their desire to fill this position. Both candidates come with plenty of experience from being on the board for a number of years. The position will be involved with the newsletter advertisements billing and Acct recievable. It uses QuickbooksÆ for bookkeeping. Voting on the position was deferred to the next meeting. Until that time Mike H will coordinate w/ Mike K and keep things rolling. Vote taken to hold off on voting in a treasurer at this meeting w/ 2 abstentions.

Treasurer report: Mike H. reports current balance is at $3, 101. 09. We are still waiting for $700.00 from NECN. It was also moved to purchase a new Quick books for the treasurer @ $150.00. Approved unanimously.

Land Use: Geoff reports that there are still 2 outstanding issues re: measure 37. Rose City furnishing and Gordon fireplace requests are on hold due to the pending outcome of Measure 49 after the upcoming election.

He sent a letter re: the new building on 35th & Hancock. This property is zoned as a R2 (multifamily) zone. The issue was that some trees were approved to be cut allowing for the development to occur. The city need to close some of these loop holes. Geoff will write a letter to the Sullivans Gulch NA re: GPNA support of the bike trail plan. GPNA would like access to the trail around Albina fuel development if possible.

Andrew Riggs: PTA president for Hollyrood-Fernwood Middle School (HFMS). Informed citizens that HFMS is almost 100 yo (built 1911) and is forecasting a large increase in the number of students in the next several years. Hollyrood (HR) still has to move K-2 to HFMS for gym and cafeteria. Safety issues for crossing 33rd. There are several safety issues at both HR and Fernwood (FW). Fire codes, fire sprinklers and egress issues. HFMS does have crossing guards.

LSAC: Local School Advisory committee. Available to get citizens involved in the academics, facilities, communication issues of the local schools.

Craig Williams: concerned parent re: HR and FW schools. Both are disintigrating and would need ~$3 million to meet current safety/seismic standards. HR was designated as "recyclable" 5 yrs ago. School district would like to see some sort of public/private collaboration to improve several of the PDX schools, &/or build new schools. Craig handed out a pamphlet which has been used by Franklin HS. "Plan for Planning". Stressed the need to be working toward building 21st century schools. Heís like to try and form and adhoc group w/ GPNA.

Grant Park Development review Comm. (GPDRC): Liz gave a report that things will be changing with the proposal over the next several months. The primary backers would like to avoid having to do a Type 3 Land Use review. It may be difficult to obtain data required. It will take 1-2 yrs to do a thorough land use review. Police, Fire, Bureau of Environ services (BES) need to evaluate storm water, sewers, dry well, sump systems etc. Doug Capps would like the school board to approve the proposal as is at this time. This approval would alleviate other dept. having to review the proposal. A citizen brought up the issue of turf not being Americans w/ Disability Act approved as wheelchairs are not allowed on turf?

PPR (Portland parks and rec) are having difficulty getting 5 yrs of historical data which is needed for either a Type 2 or 3 land use review.

Liz Alexander : liason for GPNA and Grant park Baptist church/school wanted to let the group know that the newsletter was distributed Sept 2007 to the houses that were verified at the GPNA board meeting. This letter included current contact information.

Greg Sneller is the new pastor for the GP Baptist church.

Hussain Lakdawalla, citizen @ 36th & Thompson was here at the meeting to raise concerns about the increase in litter in the neighborhood. This is an ongoing issues with the GHS students, business' and citizens. He will draft a letter that will be reviewed by GPNA. Once approved by GPNA it will be sent to the GHS principal (Tony Hunter) and the School Board.

GHS Constitution team: was mover to withdraw donation. Voted and approved with one abstention.

Website: needs help. Will put a notice in the next newsletter. ONI: need to draft a letter informing them of the meeting tonight and the new temp president along with the new treasurer info. Will also need a new signature card for the bank. Is there a template? Ron will work on this.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm
Minutes submitted by Mary Cal Hanson


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