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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, December 5, 2006 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Michael Kinney

In attendance: (not available)

The agenda for the meeting was reviewed and approved by all board members present

Delay of November meeting minutes for approval. These minutes will be posted on our website and reviewed at the next meeting before approval.

Committee Reports:

Treasury report as of 12/5/06 balance is $2,873.17. All bills are pain and there are no liabilities.

Grant Park Bowl (GPB) developments: Liz Beeghly informed the attendants that there has been no activity re: the upgrades to the GPB as of today. The subcommittee which had been formed will be meeting in preparation of any upcoming activity. The proposal will need to go through Parks as well as through Grant HS.

Land Use Issues: Kathy Bang quickly reviewed several land use proposals. Re:

New development at 40th and Tillamook, there have been no contacts against the current project as is. The developer has requested several height variances. The building is set to have a set back 15 ft from the street with 55 ft of height at the sidewalk (a extra 10 ft variance) and 65 ft at the back of the building (also a 10 ft variance). The current request is for 31 living units and 41 parking spots and retail space on the main level. The developer is also requesting a smaller that usual loading area.

The old Blockbuster Video building on 37th and Broadway will be a Merchant Bank. The request for this building is currently in review.

Albina fuel has it's last design review on Thursday.

Safety & Livability: Officers Leo Yee and Justin Burns were in attendance as Quincy was unable to attend. There were no current stats available at meeting time. Officer Yee wanted to stress safety prevention. Tips for neighbors safety include off street parking, locking all doors and windows and leaving some lights on. Cars that are parked on the street should have "showroom" clean interior.

Solicitors - Officer Yee recommends using good sense with all solicitors and if there are concerns call the Police Non-emergency number.
Pellet gun issue (Grant Park Church)- Officer Yee didn't know any of the specifics. 911 was called. If community members would like a report of the incident they can call 503-823-0043. It was unclear if the report would cost the neighbors money. To get the exact report of the pellet gun incident a specific name (victim or suspect) is required.
Portland police are currently 90-100 officers short city wide.

Mary Tompkins was introduced as a representative from the NE Coalitions Office.

Grant Park Baptist Church (GPBC) and school Conditional Use (CU) permit comment period has been extended until January 17th at 4pm. Michael Kinney had distributed handouts from Resolutions NW. He encouraged the GP neighbor and the GPBC to utilize an outside source for conflict resolution. GPNA supports the GPBC CU as presented with the caveat that "good neighbor agreement" is fulfilled.
John Walden an neighbor on 34th passed out a typed handout for a request to the GPNA re: pellet gun incident. He asked the board to rescind it's approval of the GPBC CU permit as it is currently written. Ron Laster suggested a member of the neighbors make a motion.

Motion: a motion was made and seconded as to whether there should be a vote by the general members on revoking the GPBC CU permit application? A vote was taken with 16 votes to revoke the GPBC CU application, 6 opposed to a revoking of the permit and 2 abstentions.

Amendment: an amendment was requested and seconded to pursue some sort of friendly mediation between neighbors and GPBC. A vote was taken on the amendment with 9 votes for mediation and 16 votes against mediation and 0 abstentions.

Motion: a motion was made and seconded for the GP Board to discuss changing the approval by the board of the GPBC CU permit. A vote was taken with 16 members voting for the GPNA board to have discussion on the GPBC CU permit, 0 members voting against the motion and 3 members abstaining.

Motion: a motion was made and seconded for the general membership, GPNA board and GPBC to create a task force to discuss the issues with the CU as it is currently written. This motion was retraced and seconded.

Ron Laster requested that the GPBC request a 90 day extension on the CU so that the church and neighbors could discuss the issues. Several members volunteered to be on the committee to meet and discuss the CU - John Walden, Anne Briggs, Liz Beeghly, Merryl Mix, Laurie Wall and Hal Hay.

GPNA bylaw revision was placed on hold until the January meeting due to time limits.

Meeting adjourned at 9:08pm. Minutes submitted by Mary Cal Hanson (GPNA secretary)

Next Meeting:

General Meeting
Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 7pm
Grant Park Church


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