Grant Park Neighborhood Association

The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, November 7, 2006 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Michael Kinney

In attendance:

Board Members:
Michael Kinney
Ron Laster
Elizabeth Beeghly
KC Davenport
Kathy Bang
Mike Heymann
Geoff Hyde
Mary Cal Hanson
Merryl Mix
Community members: 10
Total Atteandance Count: 13


Board Members:
Andy Mones
Karen Plemons
Sara Wild
  • Agenda approved unanimously. Past 2 meeting minutes were approved unanimously only after amendments are made.
  • Housekeeping issues: we need to have a head count at every meeting. Have the number of board members & number of general public. General public will need to sign in at each meeting. This is to verify that they reside in Grant Park. All speakers will need to be identified and residential neighborhood. We will write some rule on the back of the agendas. We will have index cards and pens for questions/comments if/when there is not enough time. A board member will be chosen at each meeting to implement the "Parking lot", i.e. Direct question to the appropriate person after the main meeting time has been allotted.


    • Time keeper: this board member will be chosen at each meeting and need to adhere to the time allotments established upon the approval of the agenda.
    • Parliamentarian: this board member will be in charge of maintaining an orderly run meeting. Will choose who gets to ask questions when.
    • Spotter: a board member is needed to help the Parliamentarian notice the more timid/shy questioner vs. more aggressive questioner.
    • Card gatherer: this board member will pick up any index cards that have questions/comments.
    • Sign in/greeter: board member will have a sign in sheet for all attendees including address.

  • Treasury Report: currently GPNA has $3,433.17. Nothing outstanding. Will need to consider purchasing a timer and index cards.
  • Friends of Grant Park Bowl (FGPB): There's been no activity from the FGPB at this time. Several board members would like the committee to get together again and be prepared for potential issues. Parks has just recently done a bit of a job re: Mt. Tabor land use issue.
  • Land Use Issues: Both Kathy and Katie were unable to attend the last Albina Fuel meeting.
  • Grand Park Church Condition Use (CU) permit: it was agreed upon by the majority of the board members to endorse granting the CU at this time. GPNA board members agreed to support this CU due to the fact that GP church have notified the neighbors about the application and are proceeding with a "good neighbor" agreement. GPNA will help facilitate any differences that may arise between GP church and the surrounding neighbors. The CU hearing will be November 22nd.
  • Newsletter items: Dolph Park signage, GHS activities calendar, Drivers license workshop, Hollyrood update, Rules/roles of board members in upcoming meetings, FGPB. Remind neighbors about sidewalk maintenance. Foot patrol and Bike safety and etiquette.
  • GPNA bylaws: will be voted on at the December 5th meeting. Items to be modified are the annual meeting for the board of directors will be in June (not January). Establish a template for the meanings of the words "corporation vs. association."
  • Meeting adjourned at 9pm Minutes submitted by Mary Cal Hanson


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