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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Special Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, June 8, 2006 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Michael Kinney

In attendance:

Board Members:
Michael Kinney
Ron Laster
Elizabeth Beeghly
KC Davenport
Richard Larson
Mary Cal Hanson
Ksthy Bang
Geoff Hyde
Merryl Mix
Community members: 10
Total Atteandance Count: 13


Board Members:
Andy Mones
Mike Heymann
Cliff Gibbs
Karen Plemons
Karen Lewis
  • Agenda was sent out and approved.
  • Grant Park Church - Hal Hay started the meeting off as most of those in attendance were here to hear the proposal from the GP church application for an alternative school on site. Currently there is an alternative school operating on site but the church would like to expand on this. Increasing the number of hours/day and days/ week that the school would be operating. They currently have 41 students and teachers on site during the day and 7 students and 2 teachers in the eve. PPS was unaware that Hollyrood students use GP church for some programs. Students must go through and application and interview process to be chosen to attend. Typical students are ESL, with low family income (few will be driving to site). The church is aiming for 60 students in the expanded program.

    Students will have to meet a community service component. The students achieve this by having the older students assist with the younger students in class.

    The church would need to add sprinklers and fire escapes to comply. But there is no request to do any building expansion. Most students will use mass transit as TriMet passes are given to student.

    Questions/Comments from the public included:
    • -will it be an open camps? Hal wasnít sure.
    • -Are the students ìat riskî? not clear at this time
    • -who will be a contact person to report problems?
    • -increased gang activity already noticeable in past year
    • -what are the ages? (not established)

    We'll put a notice about the church request in the next newsletter. The church application falls under a Type 3 and this means it will be closely scrutinized before proceeding. Church hasnít applied yet and wanted to notify neighbors before proceeding.
  • Treasure Report - GPNA account has $3,563.59 as of tonight. Will pay out $55.85 to Mary Cal to reimburse for clean up signs.
  • Grant Bowl - FGPB is currently at a standstill due to family death. Ron will send Lloyd Lindley and Hal Hay condolence cards from GPNA.
  • Land Use Issues - There will be a Land Use meeting at the Hollywood senior center Thursday at 7pm. There is a proposed 5 story building going in where the current US Bank drive thru space is.

    Albina Fuel update: Meeting changed from Oct. 5th to the 17th to discuss proposal. The Sullivans Gulch Neighborhood would like a community meeting to discuss current status of proposal.

    4610 Brazee fence has been resolved w/ owner, will reduce fence size. Knott &[; 35th, our request was refused and building is currently under way as approved.
  • There's a Mayor Office meeting Sept 16th to discuss neighborhood involvement. Liz will be attending.
  • Adjustments Committee: all adjustments notices will be placed on our web site as soon as we get them.
  • NECN: Ron is now president (congrats) and the focus is changing to a community outreach-youth offender program. Key issues are now neighborhood livability, safety and transportation. TriMet is a key component and has had great success with their advocates who are located in key bus and Max lines to mitigate issues. They are in contact w. both Portland and TriMet police. They are recruiting for a community outreach coordinator. The job will be to promote livability and community interaction with neighborhood associations.
  • GPNA bylaws: Ron passed the latest edition of bylaw modifications. A 1st reading has been done. Kathy noticed a small area to be clarified in the last sentence of section 2, article 1. Come September all NA will have elections in June.
  • Katie went over the items to be printed in the upcoming newsletter if there is enough room. These items include :
    • -Break down of the clean up-feedback
    • -Public meeting on July 20th re: solid waste management plan (collection, handling and disposal changes)
    • -Katie will add a notice on the website re: voter registration drive at public libraries (not Hollywood though). Also a reminder that ballot boxes are at all libraries too.
    • -items pertinent to GP will be added
    • -crime stats/info, crime prevention, crime map
    • -a reminder re: solicitors and etiquette/restrictions
    • -will mention something about Halloween hijinx and appropriate behavior and things to so w/ inappropriate teenager activity
    • -an update on FGPB from Michael. Will get calendar of events/activities happening at GP hi school. Try to include happenings at Fernwood too.
    • -an update from Elizabeth re: Hollyrood school issues
    • -Kathy will write an update r: Albina Fuel and US Bank drive up proposal
    • -Need an update on the Sandy sewer status/progress and timeline
    • -Land Use Issues will be reported to Katie by Liz if any issues are happening in the GP neighborhood. This will be a new option on the website too.
    • -If there is room might want to work in the rave review from the Portland monthly magazine re: GP neighborhood rating

    Any articles must be submitted to her no later than Sept 18th!
  • Next meeting agenda item: invite GPHS principal for an introduction, establish communication. Mayors office would also like to send a representative in the near future.

Next Meeting: (date changed)

General Meeting
Tuesday, November 7, 2006 at 7pm
Grant Park Church


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