Grant Park Neighborhood Association

The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, March 28, 2006 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Michael Kinney

In attendance:

Board Members:
Michael Kinney
Ron Laster
Elizabeth Beeghly
KC Davenport
At Large:
Andy Mones
Kathy Bang
Mike Heymann
Cliff Gibbs
Mary Cal Hanson
Geoff Hyde
Guest Speaker:
Allen Mevis
Hal ----
Total Atteandance Count: 13


Board Members:
Karen Plemons
Richard Larson
Karen Lewis
Mwrryl Mix

Old Business/Committee Reports:

  • Treasurer's Report - as of tonight GPNA has $3465.74
  • Land Use - There is no update on the Albina Fuel Site.
  • Land Use - Home at 35th and Knott wants to add an addition and a second garage. At issue is the driveway length of the current proposal. It will be less than standards established in the neighborhood, 10ft vs 18ft. GNPA board took a vote to oppose current design. 8 approved, 0 oppose, 1 abstained.
  • Hollyrood School - Allen Mevis approached the board to encourage support in notifying the Portland public school board regarding the potential closing of Hollyrood Elementary School. Elizabeth will write a draft letter to present to the board. Including the need for the PPS Board to have an open and inclusive dialogue, inform the whole community before a decision is made. GPNA would like to have more time so that research can be done to verify the best possible outcomes re: school closures in the Portland area. PPS proposes closing Hollyrood and transferring the children to Fernwood Middle School. This would make Fernwood a 3-8 school with K-2 still at Hollyrood. Allen let us know about "Operation Lemonade" @ He also left a list of the PPS board members and their contact information.
  • Neighborhood Clean Up - On track for having the GNPA Clean Up on Saturday March 22nd, 2006 for 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. We still need volunteers. Will have the same items for drop off as last year (yard debris, scrap metal, home junk, a Veterans donation truck and a swap area) and in addition will be able to take Styrofoam packaging. Prices will also remain the same at $5.00/car & $10.00/truck or trailer load.
  • Bylaws - Michael went over several changes in the Bylaws. *Ron will be contacting ONI re: Article II, section 7. He will try and get this clarified.
  • Last months minutes were modified and approved.

Other Business

  • Grant Bowl - Ron handed out a workbook for the GPNA board. This will help the board with a step-by step process to respond to upcoming drafts/suggestions from the Friends of Grant Park Bowl committee.
  • Agenda items for next meeting - GPNA needs to have a Safety and Livability representative. This post will be working closely with police on safety issues.
  • Newsletter - KC Davenport went over the next issue of the GPN Newsletter. Highlighting the points of the issue. It was also brought up that we might need to consider printing a summer "special edition" newsletter.
  • Grant Park Bowl Committee - Elizabeth gave everyone a Handout that will help make the issues more clear, answer and ask question re: the Friends of Grant Bowl project. Will delve into in more at a future meeting.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm Minutes taken (and finally submitted) by Mary Cal Hanson

Next Meeting:

General Meeting
Thursday, May 9, 2006 at 7pm
Grant Park Church


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