Grant Park Neighborhood Association

The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
General Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, February 28, 2006 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Ron Laster

In attendance:

Board Members:
Ron Laster
Michael Kinney
Karen Plemons
KC Davenport
At Large:
Elizabeth Beeghly
Karen Lewis
Andy Mones
Guest Speaker:
Officer Quency Ho
General Members:
Helen Hathaway
Muriel Youmans
Lies White
Mr. White
Richard Larson
Geoff Hide
Straford Whild
David Mathew
David Unsworth
Robert Allport
Tim Volpert
David Pictle
Cliff Gibbs
Chris Karlin
Beth Karlin
Mary Cal Hason
Rick Darrs.
Total Atteandance Count: 25.

Old Business/Committee Reports:

  • Treasurer's Report - We currently have $2992.91 cash on hand with no current liabilities except we will be paying $50 for our annual filling fee. We generate our funds from advertising in the newsletter, an annual $800 communications subsidy from ONI, and fundraisers such as the Berry Sale, and the Clean Up
  • Land Use - There is no update on the Albina Fuel Site.
  • Safety and Livability - Officer Quincy Ho, our Portland Police Neighborhood Liaison Officer, who has worked night shift for NE for about 6 years, spoke about neighborhood safety. Most crimes in the neighborhoodare burglary and larceny from vehicles. Don't leave valuables in your car. Most crimes happen overnight, or between 8 am and 12 noon.
    • If you suspect a drug house call the Drug House Hotline, or call the NE Precinct and ask for the neighborhood officer, or Officer Ho.
    • There is concern about traffic speed and pedestrian safety on 33rd, but there is not a lot that can be done. And generally 90% of people pulled over live in the neighborhood.
    • Marcy Ann Jackson called from Grant High asking that people do not give money to unknown fundraisers, there could be some fundraisers who are pocketing the money
  • Grant Bowl - Grant Park Bowl Committee
    This is an ad-hoc-committee formed by the GPNA board to serve as an unbiased fact finding committee. The committee is made up of 7-8 people and could use help from more people. The Grant Park Bowl Committee has met twice and is now waiting for a proposal from the CAC to begin the bulk of research. They will give all information our neighborhood association so that we will be able to make an informed decision. At this point, the committee will be receiving all information that Lisa Turpel (Portland Parks) receives. The committee will come to the board for any vote on any particular element of the expected proposal. There is a desire to put a discussion form on the website for discussion/debate about these issues
  • Grant Bowl - CAC
    This is a committee formed by Lloyd Lindley; it has two board representatives, as well as individual representatives from the Grant Park neighborhood. It also has representatives from surrounding neighborhood associations, two coaches, and a rep from Portland Public Schools. Currently lighting has been set aside for further study, due to a large response against lighting. A conditional use permit will have to be obtained if there are over 425 permanent seats proposed. A fundraising committee is in the process of being formed, it is unclear exactly how much money has been raised, and by whom. There is currently no formal proposal and they are currently going though the pages of comments from the Open House held January 18th.

Neighborhood Projects and News

  • Neighborhood Clean Up - The neighborhood clean up will happen April 22nd, Earth Day, and will be located in the Grant Park Church parking lot. As we did last year, a small donation will be asked for, the donation will go towards GPNA. No hazardous materials will be accepted, a list of acceptable and prohibited materials will be in the newsletter
  • Berry Sale - Without someone to organize the Berry Sale we will not be having it this year. The berry sale is done by buying berries in bulk from local farmers, and pre selling them to neighbors who will pick the berries up on two separate days.
  • Survey - A vote was taken extending the deadline for the surveys to be collected. This is because many people just received their newsletters and surveys. There is one opposition, no abstention, and the rest in favor.
  • Grant High Graduation Party - Grant High School has asked for a donation to go towards their graduation party. The neighborhood voted to donate $250.

Neighborhood Elections

  • President - There is some discussion as to whether Michael Kinney can be objective serving as President and as representative on the CAC. A vote was taken; 8 opposed his serving both roles, 10 did not oppose. Michael will continue to serve a representative of GPNA.
  • Vice President - All in favor for Ron Laster and Elizabeth Beeghly to serve as 1st and 2nd, respectively, Vice-Presidents.
  • Secretary - Because Karen Plemons will be leaving in August she will be unable to complete a full term. Mary Cal Hanson will serve as secretary in training until Karen Plemons leaves, at which point Mary may assume the office. All in favor of this arrangement.
  • Treasurer - Richard Larson was elected as Treasurer.
  • Communications - KC Davenport will continue as our Communications Officer.


  • Extra Details of the meeting regarding Grant Bowl - We need to make sure we are keeping with bylaws in terms of voting. Need to check with ONI on eligible age of voting. We need to think about the relative importance of our membership voting in relation to where they live and their proximity to the park. We need to make sure we are being objective, and not one-sided on the Grant Bowl issue. Surveys: Karen will take the surveys home and, with Mary Cal, will do the data entry.

Next Meeting:

Special Meeting
Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 7pm
Grant Park Church


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