Grant Park Neighborhood Association

The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, January 3, 2006 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Ron Laster

Old Business/Committee Reports:

  • Treasurer's Report - No Treasurer's Report.
  • Grant Bowl - The Grant Bowl ad hoc committee will meet with Portland Parks on 01/04/06, at the Holywood Wine Bar to get more information and there will be an open house on 01/18/06 for the neighborhoods to find out about the proposed project.
    As a board we need to decide how we will get adequate input from and representation for the Grant Park neighborhood so that we can make our recommendation. Putting a response form and envelope in the newsletter was discussed, but without a quorum the discussion was tabled for a later meeting.
    Some of the known issues are:
    • parking
    • traffic
    • safety
    • taxes - support
    • lighting - effect
    • lighting - operation costs
    • noise
    • general park demeanor
  • New Business:

    • Meetings - the current meeting schedule puts meetings on inconvenient dates and/or holidays. We need to discuss and possibly revise the future meetings. Our next meeting is currently scheduled for 02/14/06 (Valentine's Day). Since this meeting will include the election of officers for 2006, it was decided to move it back to an easier to attend date. 02/28/06 was selected.
    • Officers - All officers need to be elected or re-elected at the next General meeting, so we need to confirm a slate for the newsletter. The minimum necessary are: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Communications. Ron Laster will contact current officers and board members to see who is interested in continuing and/or running before the next newsletter. Ron would like to continue as our NECN deligate.
    • Newsletter - Based on the re-designated General Meeting date, the newsletter content needs to be to Katie by 02/05 and to Ron by 02/10. Content will include: Grant Bowl; Albina Fuel; crime; a thank you to Sally Baker for newsletter delivery; sewer abatement; the election. Other possible issues: new neighborhood cleanup; park issues; Grant High School.


    Ron Laster
    KC Davenport
    Mike Heyman
    Andy Mones

    Next Meeting:

    Board Meeting
    Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 7pm
    Grant Park Church


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