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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, August 20, 2005 7:00pm

The Meeting was chaired by Mike Kinney

Old Business/Committee Reports:

  • Treasurer's Report - Currently GPNA has $2,400.84 due in great part to the success of the neighborhood cleanup.
  • Neighborhood Cleanup - Kathy Bang plans to organize it again for next year but scheduling is the important factor. She is hoping for a late April date.
  • Downspout Disconnect - Since Karen Lewis is not here this report is tabled for the time being, except to note that the City is reconsidering a sewer bill discount for homes that practice stormwater management., but it won't happen this year.
  • Berry Sale - Since Karen Lewis is not here this report is tabled for the time being
  • Grant Bowl - we have no new information on this project but there is a meeting scheduled for next week, which Andy Mones will attend. This will be only the second public meeting on this project and concerns were expressed about the whole process.
    - It feels to some like the Grant Park Neighborhood is being deliberately excluded
    – The process needs to be more clearly defined for everybody involved and make sure everybody is clear on when and how the public is to be involved.
    – The recent home game at Grant resulted in game specific graffiti in the surrounding neighborhood, so that is a real concern if the proposed improvements create opportunities for home games however, parking and traffic were not as bad as expected or as bad as it has been in the past.
    - How the improvements will change the character of the park itself even when there aren't sports in progress.
    – The biggest concern is the proposed lights and how they will change the use of the park, since there are lots of other non-school sports that could fill the unused evening hours if lights are installed, and Parks would have little say in who could rent the space, since it is a public park.
    - We have been assured that nothing will go forward without significant neighborhood support.
  • Albina Fuel - there will be a public meeting at about this development on the October 30th, at 3pm, at 1900 SW 4th. Kathy Bang urged everyone who is concerned about this project to attend. Kathy has a copy of the proposal and will try to get an electronic copy that we can post on our web site for concerned people to review.
  • Green Streets project - Sewers will soon be replaced and/or enlarged in Hollywood, but one location in Grant Park, NE 38th between Broadway and Thompson, is being considered for a stormwater abatement project instead. Issue include how it will affect parking and traffic on the street and how landowners might need to maintain it. One note: if even one neighbor opposes the project and can't be convinced, then the whole thing will be cancelled.
  • Web site - we are looking for input on things to include on the web site and ways toexpand it that will be useful to the neighborhood as a whole.

New Business:

  • Community Safety - teenagers and young adults loitering in and around Grant Park are becoming a concern.
    - Graffiti around the park and in the neighborhood has also become a problem as school has resumed.
    - The bleachers in the south side of the school are a magnet for loitering teenagers.
    - Skateboarders are damaging the tennis courts - what is the school's position on this, since some of the damage is being done during lunch breaks
    Andy Mones is our liaison to Grant High School and may be able to talk to school security about the problem.
    - There is some interest in reforming a foot patrol in and around Grant Park to watch out for criminal behavior and/or "improper use of a public park"
    - Starting September 15th, Portland Parks has been keeping the park restrooms locked at all times, which we feel is a problem during the day. Mike Kinney says that Portland Parks is amenable to having designated neighbors be responsible for locking up the restrooms at night and Parks Maintenance would open them in the morning. This is already don at other parks like Mt Tabor.
  • OLCC application - Arabian Breeze has applied for a liquor license to sell beer and wine until 2 am. both inside and outdoors, although the outdoor space is covered and enclosed. We do not have a good neighbor agreement with them as yet, but we have asked and received agreements with other neighboring establishments to stop serving at 1am. It is felt we should be consistent in our policy and see if we can get the same thing at Arabian Breeze. It is noted that the establishment is a restaurant and not a bar or other venue where drinking or purchasing alcohol would pose more potential for negative consequences.
  • Crime - Quincy Ho with the police bureau was at the meeting as a part of the neighborhood response team. Our biggest problems in Grant Park are burglary, stolen cars, and car prowls. There is an increase in these kinds of crime and deterrent is the best course to take. Most often the problem is unlocked doors or windows, and especially basement windows, which are often less secure than the rest of the house.
    - Break-ins may increase during the holiday season, but they usually decrease when the weather gets colder.
    - If you witness a crime in process, the proper procedure is to call 911 and report it but do not intervene. That gives the police the best chance to apprehend the person.
    - It is also important to report any non-emergency problems or suspicious circumstances as well, so that the police can stay on top of potential problems.
    - If there are questions, we can also call Quincy Ho directly at 503-823-5700. Although he works 10pm - 8am so you will likely need to leave a message, he will get back to you.


Ron Laster
KC Davenport
Michael Kinney
Karen Plemons
Karen Lewis
Katherine Bang
Judy Lindley
Pam Pickens
Elizabeth Beeghly
Lloyd Lindley
Mike Heyman
Hal Hay
Andy Mones
Lee Perlman

Next Meeting:

Board Meeting
Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 7pm
Grant Park Church


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