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Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, October 25, 2005 7:00pm

Old Business/Committee Reports:

  • Albina Fuel - The Albina Fuel meeting was cancelled and rescheduled for a week from Thursday, November 3rd.
  • Grant Park Bowl - The second advisory meeting didn't happen, and will probably be happening the first week in November.

    Lloyd Lindly was at the Alameda meeting, with much of the information the same. Extra information included: there is 2.5 million available for all of the field projects in the area. Statistics about the football program: grant high school has 1800 students, 80 are in the football program, 800-900 come to the home games, 1200-1500 go to Lincoln games, and 425 go to games at PGE park.

    After the last home game, game related graffiti was found in the neighborhood.

    We want to include in the newsletter information about how to let parks know about problems and concerns of the park.
  • Clean Streets - Haley Kern is a student at Grant High and is on the Executive Council. The students are interested in doing some clean up, and wanted our help in finding out what we think they should do. Some ideas we came up with: find out where students are going, and where trash is ending up. Also use students in the ISM program who have community service requirements. In the past McDonalds employees were picking up trash in the blocks leading to the school to pick up trash- find out if this is still happening.

    Grant high janitors was recently asked to empty the trashcans they are responsible for in the afternoon, after the students fill them with their lunch trash. This had been happening in the morning.
  • Community safety and livability issues - There have been some deal animals found in the area, so we need to keep an eye out. A dead bird was found, and taken to the vet where it was tested, and didn't come up positive for any diseases. Probably nothing to worry about.

    Neighbors at the 34th entrance to the park have felt intimidated by students hanging out around there; they have been talking to Tom Pevey.

    Vandalism and Graffiti on the rise again.

    We are looking for people interested in starting up the foot patrol again. Does anyone know where all of the equipment is- walkie-talkies and flashlights.

    Parks wants to lock up the bathrooms for safety issues. That makes it so that it s harder for people to use the parks, especially parents of young children. The neighborhood is interested if finding volunteers to lock up at night, and unlock in the morning the park bathrooms.

    Blind onion had an alcohol billboard above the restaurant, and quickly removed the alcohol ad as soon as we called them about it.
  • Upcoming Newsletter - The all newsletter items should be in by the 10th, so that it can get to Ron by the 14th and to Sally by the 18th.

    The following should be included in the newsletter: Neighborhood Mediation, Tom Pevy- Stuff to be aware of for holiday safety, Grant Bowl, Albina, Picture of the banner, Grant High- announcements or events, foot patrol, Farmers Market statistics, Sewer Project, Rats in Grant Park? Finding a replacement for Sally, GPNA board elections.

    Newsletter needs to be to Ron by the 19th.

New Business:

  • GPNA Board - Elections are in February; we should include an announcement in the newsletter announcing open nominations.

    Ron is interested in having all of the neighborhood boards in NECN switch to having elections at the same time. There is some concern because the elections for NECN come right before summer, and the neighborhoods usually take summer break off. We are tabling the issue for now.
  • Newsletter delivery - Sally Baker will no longer be able to organize the distribution of the newsletter. We should ask all of the people who help distribute the newsletter to see if anyone is interested in taking Sally s position.
  • Other - Ron and Michael will be looking over the Bylaws. David Austin resigned due to being out of the country. Michael will chair the October meeting, and for December Karen will Chair the meeting.


Ron Laster
KC Davenport
Michael Kinney
Karen Plemons
Katherine Bang
Haley Kern
Elizabeth Beeghly
Lew Fredrick
Mike Heyman

Next Meeting:

General Meeting
Tuesday, December 6, 2005 at 7pm
Grant Park Church
Karen Plemon will chair.


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