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Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, August 20, 2005 7:00pm

Old Business/Committee Reports:

  • Grant Park Bowl - Lloyd Lindly, a landscape architect and urban planner who is donating his time to help in developing plans for improvement of the Grant Bowl. He is involved with the Friends of Grant Football, and came and discussed the proposed plans for upgrades to Grant Park. History: In 2001 Grant High hired a new coach and in 2002 the school had their first homecoming game since 1952. Without adding lights the school is limited to using the field for games only twice a year. Friends of Grant Park football have been putting money into the upkeep of all the sports fields.

    Process: There will be 4 meetings with the citizen advisory committee, which is made up of faculty from grant high sports, members of the friends of grant high football, and representatives from surrounding neighborhoods. Process will include discovering needs and issues for school use, neighborhood use, and non-profit use. A survey was sent out, 4,000 were mailed, 200 returned. A white paper will be drafted, and then there will be a public open house with concept drawings and goals and principles.

    Possible improvements: installing Astroturf into the bowl (more economically sound, and easier to upkeep), leveling the baseball field, seating and lighting for the bowl, fencing (would be in the shrubs, except during varsity games, create a woman s fast pitch (can be used for little league) Concerns: Traffic and parking; is being looked into by BKS (a traffic engineering firm) for possible parking locations such as schools, businesses, or churches with parking lots; special busses, and trimet would be encouraged. Number of late night games would increase significantly; other schools with lights have between 4-5 home games each year. Could we set limits on activities; this would be done through the committee setting terms and the inclusion of an intergovernmental agreement. What is the impact on crime prevention?

    There is a game on the 9th, and homecoming is on the 23rd of September.
  • Grant Park Bowl Committee Update - The only meeting there has been that included the Grant Park representatives was a year ago, there is going to be another meeting this September. We would like to have someone from Parks, and someone from Crime Prevention at the October 25 meeting. Andy will write up something for the newsletter.
  • Finances - We have approximately 2,600, and possible recently got a check from NECN.
  • Upcoming Newsletter - Articles to include in the upcoming newsletter: Relay for Life, Website, Crime and Safety, Safety and Livability, Grant Bowl, CSAL (letting people know of open position on CSAL), neighborhood cleanup with pictures, symphony in the park, Grant Park Flag, Hollywood Senior Center always looking for volunteers, When the various farmers markets in the area are closing for the season.

    Newsletter needs to be to Ron by the 19th.

New Business:

  • Grant Park Baptist Church - The church recently had a split, and about half the members left. They are working on increasing the activities, number of people coming into the church. Currently there will be a pre-school going in running from 9-12, Hollyrood uses it for assemblies, and there is an afternoon program that runs from 3-6. The church is applying for a conditional use permit to run an English as a second language school. There would be 29 students that would come in by bus. Portland international schools run the program, with most of the funding coming from Portland Public Schools. Students are about 1/3 Caucasian (Russian), 1/3 Latin, and 1/3 of Asian. We will have something in the newsletter, but we don't need to officially do anything.
  • Hollywood Sewer Project - As part of the green street project there is a proposal to upgrade the parking strip at Broadway to Thompson on 38th. For an example this has been done at 35th place and Syscue. The improvements would make the area more water-soluble. There have been two complaints from neighbors, and if these are not dealt with the city will not be able to proceed with plans.
  • Other - Ron and Michael will be looking over the Bylaws. David Austin resigned due to being out of the country. Michael will chair the October meeting, and for December Karen will Chair the meeting.


Ron Laster
KC Davenport
Michael Kinney
Karen Plemons
Karen Lewis
Katherine Bang
Judy Lindley
Pam Pickens
Elizabeth Beeghly
Lloyd Lindley
Mike Heyman
Hal Hay
Andy Mones
Lee Perlman

Next Meeting:

General Meeting
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 at 7pm
Grant Park Church


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