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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, March 29, 2005 7:00pm

Old Business/Committee Reports:

  • Sandy Plan - The Sandy plan goes before City Council April 6th. Brad has been going to all of the meetings and we will encourage him to do so on our behalf. There is a picture of the Sandy plan at the 42nd street postal annex.
  • Clean Up - The date and location had to be made quickly because of deadlines. The cleanup will happen May 21- the same day as Alameda. The location will be at the church parking lot. We discussed giving this a percent of any profits made. The clean up group decided that they did not want to charge. As a board we discussed donations, but came to no vote. So far we are accepting only materials that will be picked up including: yard debris, building material, scrap metal, cell phones, household donations. And there will be an informal yard sale/ swap area. We will be receiving vouchers from metro to cover the cost. Everything will be gotten rid of during the last drop. All the information will be in the newsletter. An alias email address will be created for the clean up group so that people can send the questions/ comments.
  • Finances - We currently have 743.52 in our account.
  • Upcoming Newsletter - We will do an 8pages to include: Downspout disconnect, Block party info, Graffiti, Berry Sale/ forms, bleachers at Grant Park, Clean Up (story and form), NECC (story and ad), Cancer Run, Tree planting, parade, link to crime prevention. We discussed giving a small business size ad so that NECC can include a free trial pass- vote was unanimous. Sally will be going out of town and it will be a tight crunch to get the newsletter out. Michael volunteered to head up making sure it gets done.

New Business:

  • Rachel Summer from ONI - Rachel Summer from ONI contacted Karen because she is interested in coming to a Grant Park Neighborhood meeting in relation to a 6-month contract working with NECN. Discussion was brought up later in the meeting. Rachel is working on an assessment of the needs of the neighborhood. We need a list of services provided. David will call her.
  • Graffiti Removal - Ted Okensinski came to the meeting to discuss his desires to put together a group of volunteers for a demonstration project in graffiti removal. He has a great deal of experience, including being on the Portland Graffiti task force, and is very familiar with the area. He wants to begin the project soon so that he might bring the volunteers to the next GPNA meeting to discuss the progress. Ted has counted over 255 tags with in the park- not counting the school. It has been shown that by removing graffiti immediately, there is a decrease in tagging. We will print an article 2- 3 paragraphs in the next newsletter. He encourages the use of the reporting system, which will help lead to arrest and stronger convictions. The board is unanimous in support.
  • Candidates running for city council - Candidates have begun contacting board members about potentially coming to speak to GNPA. After some discussion it was decided that we would host a candidates night closer to election time. Candidates for city council will be invited, as well as neighboring associations.
  • Chalk Board Project & Neighborhood School Alliance - Chalkboard project is a statewide projects on the school system in Oregon- what works, what doesn't, as well as researching schools elsewhere. Ruth Rocker wants to do a forum on the topic; she will send a newsletter article.
    We have been asked to show a support for a delay of decision on the Portland School closures. Its too late to have the support make a difference because the decision has already been made. Discussion followed on the current school situation. Vote was taken as to whether we should go ahead and send a letter of support for a delay in decision: 2 abstentions, 6 Iís, 1 no. The letter will state that we understand we voted late, and that we are concerned with the process the school board took in coming to its decision- the letter should be short.
  • OSPIRG - OSPIRG is interested in coming to a GPNA meeting to talk about supporting efforts for renewable energy. We don't have time to discuss at the next meeting. At this time we take no action.
  • Tree planting - Andy Mones and volunteers were involved with tree planting around the school with the help of Urban Forestry. Andy will write a review for the newsletter
  • Fred Meyer Junior Parade - We will be writing a letter acknowledging that we have been notified of the parade, and that it ends at Grant Park. We should put when the parade is in the newspaper.


David Austin
KC Davenport
Michael Kinney
Ron Laster
Karen Plemons
Andy Mones
Katherine Bang
Karen Lewis
Mary Cal Hanson
Pam Pickens
Ted Okensinski,

Next Meeting:

General Meeting
Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 7pm
Grant Park Church

Agenda items include: Graffiti, Neighborhood cleanup, berry sale, Sandy Blvd update, Fred Meyer Junior Parade announcement.

Karen will bring the snacks


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