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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, February 8, 2005 7:00pm

Old Business:

  • The proposed adjustments to the GPNA bylaws were read for the third time and Katie moved to accept them. Eileen seconded. The bylaw revisions were voted on and approved.
  • Fund Raising - Last year's berry fund raiser brought in about $900 and we are planning on holding it again this year. Karen Lewis will coordinate it and is looking for assistance to staff tables at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, the distribution of berries, and various other tasks. The first order form will need to be ready for the May newsletter.
  • The new, larger bleachers behind the baseball dugout at Grant High School are still up and block the access ramp to the bowl, in spite of a letter from the Neighborhood Association. They are an inconvenience, a hazard, a code violation, and an ADA violation, since it forces people into a narrow, muddy space off the path when they go around the bleachers. David will call the City Parks Department, and the ADA person in the mayors office if necessary. It was proposed that GPNA take an official stand that the bleachers must not block the path and should be removed all together now that football season is over. The motion was moved and seconded, and approved by the membership.
  • Grant Bowl - Wednesday, February 16th at 7:45pm, there will be a meeting at Grant High School about the possibility of upgrading the Grant Bowl. It was initiated by the friends of Grant Football. Officially, GPNA will not take a stand on the issue until there is an actual proposal is on the table, but as individual community members, concerns have been raised about a number of issues including parking, traffic, access to the track, noise, lights, and litter, among others.

New Business:

  • Relay for Life - Megan Slack is organizing a relay at the Grant Bowl and is looking to put together a committee to help with it. The overnight event will include a team walk/run, a luminary event, and a survivors lap. The goal of raising funds for cancer research as well as promoting community spirit. This will be the second time for one to be held in the NE community. The relay is planned for July 30-31 4pm-10am.
  • Neighborhood cleanup - Michael Whitmore of the Kerns Neighborhood Association came to talk about their annual neighborhood cleanup, which will be on the Saturday after Earth Day this year (April 23). In 2001 they started with yard debris, bulky waste and a neighborhood picnic. Now they are up to 30 yard dumpsters for yard debris and bulky waste; and a 20 yard dumpster for recyclables (metal, paper, etc); also Free Geek picks up computer equipment; teams are sent out to locate graffiti for later removal; there is a book swap; a poster competition for school kids; a raffle of prizes donated by neighborhood businesses. The whole event lasts from 9am to noon, and they are funded through a grant from Metro. His advice for us, if we are considering doing a cleanup here is that we should start small and that what we need most is somebody to organize it. Katherine Bangs volunteered to coordinate the research on doing a similar event here and is looking for a committee to help.
  • Tree Planting - The Portland Urban Forestry Department will be holding a tree planting at Grant Park on Saturday March 5th, from 1 to 3 pm with a tree identification walk of Grant Park led by Neighborhood Tree Liaison Jim Gersbach at 2:30. The event is posted on the GPNA web site.
  • Loren Norris from the City Office of Neighborhood Involvement spoke about downspout disconnection. Currently, the Grant Park Neighborhood is only 43% disconnected. GPNA could raise money if we could provide volunteer to help with the disconnections. Karen lewis and Pam Pickens volunteered to be the contact for GPNA.
  • The school crosswalk at NE 35th & Knott was removed. Since this is already a hazardous location, people wondered why. No action or decision was taken at this time.
  • David Austin encouraged neighborhood members to participate in the annual neighborhood St Patrick's Day parade on NE Hancock, It will be held the weekend after St Patrick's day this year.
  • Save the NE YMCA - The NE YMCA was purchased by A-Boy Pluming president Dan Dolan and will be turned into a community center to be run by a non-profit corporation. Sara Normington spoke about the new center, what it plans to offer, and how it will be run. it was turned over on January 31 and currently has 80 volunteers and 10 new board members. All the current programs will be continuing and they hope to be adding others as they get organized. She handed out guest passes and encouraged people to visit, and said that they were planning an open house for the first Saturday in April.
  • Katherine Bang brought up an issue. the Portland Planning Bureau has proposed an expansion of the property tax exemption for transit corridors to include Sandy Blvd and Broadway to 47th. Since there is not adequate transit for the broadway corridor now, let alone if any high density housing goes in at the Albina site, she proposed that GPNA officially endorse the extension for Sandy Blvd, but not for Broadway She also asked Katie Davenport, who attended the meetings for the Sullivan's Gulch traffic study, as it related to the Albina site. That study was done to identify possible traffic abatement measures to be implemented if the Albina site were to be developed. These are not official measures, but proposals that SGNA would expect to see enacted if the site were approved for high density residences. The GPNA board agreed that the Broadway corridor does not and will not meet the criteria for the property tax exemption and we would oppose it being applied to this location.


Elections of officers were held at the meeting and the new board consists of:

  • President - David Austin
  • Vice President - Ron Laster
  • Treasurer - Michael Kinney
  • Secretary - Karen Plemons
  • Communications - Katie Davenport
  • At Large:
    Karen Lewis
    Pam Pickens
    Elizabeth Beeghly
    Sally Baker
    Kathy Bang
    Mike Heymann
    Andy Mones
    Joan Volpert


David Austin
KC Davenport
Michael Kinney
Ron Laster
Karen Plemon
Andy Mones
Katherine Bang
Karen Lewis
Elizabeth Beeghly
Curtis Hall
Mary Cal Hanson
Hal Hay
Mike Heymann
Geoff Hyde
Beth Karlin
Chris Karlin
Sara Normington
Eileen Perlmeter
Pam Pickens
Scott Russell
Megan Slack
Michael Whitmore

Next Meeting:

Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 29, 2005 at 7pm
Grant Park Church


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