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The GPNA Meeting Minutes

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Grant Park Church
Tuesday, January 4, 2005 7:00pm

Old Business:

  • Review December public meeting.
  • Chickens - tabled because of time. Karen Plemon, who has chickens herself recommends checking with Pistils Nursery , 3811 N Mississippi Ave, where they sell chickens and have workshops.
  • Bosco Milligan - very interesting presentation about the Architectural Heritage Center and their resources for home remodelers.
  • Pacific Power, Green Power - presentation about the advantages, benefits and options for renewable energy with Pacific Power.
  • Grant Bowl - a lively discussion of the project, the issues and concerns it brings up, and opportunies for community input. Andy Mones is an interested member of the public on this issue, and Mike Kenney is the GPNA liaison to the advisory committee for this project. Our concern is that they will try to slide something through without adequate neighborhood review or comment, and that the information about it has been consistently sketchy to non-existent. However, there needs to be a type 3 review for it to proceed, and that has not happened. And there is supposed to be a community survey coming out, but noone has seen it in anything but draft form.
  • On a related topic the new, larger bleachers behind the baseball dugout are still up and block the access ramp to the bowl, which is an inconvenience and an ADA violation. Mike Kinney will check and see when they are coming down.
  • Off-leash - there is nothing new to report. The proposed changes will go into effect on or around June 15th. Mike Kenney feels that the new rules are better than what came before but still have major problem to be resolved.
  • Albina Fuel - there may be someone new interested in buying the property but no definite information is available.
  • Sandy Blvd - No new information is available.

New Business

  • Treasurer's Report - Currently we have $1,500, minus the $835 check to Ron Laster for newsletters, but that check can be sent to the neighborhood coalition for reimbursment, we should be able to send future invoices from Ron directly to the Coalition after being approved by the treasurer, and they can reimburse him directly.
  • Fund Raising - We need to start organizing for the 2005 Berry sale, and Karen Lewis has volunteered to coordinate this. Some suggestions: simplify and separate the order forms to avoid confusion; consider leafletting the neighborhood close to the deadline as a reminder; consider a partnering effort with the local schools to increase sales; provide the orderform online to be printed out; establish a fund-raising committee to consider and coordinate these and other ideas.
  • Andy Mones has worked with Urban Forestry to get extra trees that they had available allocated to Grant Park. London Plane trees will be planted along US Grant Place, and Arborvitae will mask the schools temporary classrooms.
  • Save the NE YMCA - We can try to get someone from the YMCA to write an article for the newsletter, and/or speak at the next meeting, especially to address how this will effect services to the neighborhood itself, but it is not really GPNA's place to interfere in the financial decisions of a local business or organization.
  • Speed Bumps - there is partial money for speed bumps and the City is asking people to nominate streets to consider. Unfortunately it comes up to quickly to get into our newsletter or public meeting, so there isn't much we can do except as individuals.
  • Neighborhood Cleanup - Kathy Bang talked to the chair from the Kerns Neighborhood Association about the Neighborhood Cleanup fundraiser they do. She thinks he might be willing to make a presentation at our next general meeting about what they do and how they do it. We had successful cleanups in the past, but the last one or two were not cost effective. However, it may have been long enough that people have enough stuff again. We can see what kind of interest it generates.
  • FYI there will be a Neo-skinhead event at Gabriel Park on Jan 8th. It is not in this area, but GPNA should consider having some sort of position or policy in place if such an event were to occur here.
  • The Portland Bureau of Water Works would like to make a presentation at one of our public meetings about safe drinking water in Portland. Our next General meeting on February 8th is already full, so this issue is tabled until the next board meeting in March for possible inclusion in the April meeting.
  • Also, there may be something about downspout disconnection at that meeting as well.


Elections of officers will be at the February public meeting. Mike Kenney will call all the old officers to see if they are interested in continuing to serve.
Preliminary potential list for officers, subject to change:

  • President - David Austin
  • 1st VP - Ron Laster
  • 2nd VP - Kathy Bang
  • Treasurer - Mike Kenney
  • Secretary - Karen Plemons
  • Communications - Katie Davenport

2005 Meetings

  • January 4 - Board
  • February 8 - General - elections
  • March 29 - Board
  • May 10 - general
  • Past that will be set by the new board.

ONI Guidelines Revision

The proposed adjustments are to to keep us in line with both state mandates and the ONI guidelines. Two of the issues had wording problems for clarity

- Quorum - wording needs to be clarified to avoid confusion - At public meeting, one more that the full board equals a quorum, or one more than the number of board members present
- Grievances
- Board Member attendance
- Amending the by-laws - seems to say that the changes must be voted on at three successive meetings. It should say that changes need to be read at three meetings before they can be voted on.


David Austin
KC Davenport
Michael Kinney
Ron Laster
Karen Plemon
Andy Mones
Katherine Bang
Karen Lewis

Next Meeting:

General Meeting, elections
Tuesday, February 8, 2005 at 7pm
Grant Park Church
David Austin will bring refreshments


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