Grant Park Sewer Repair Project Construction Email Update: January 16, 2015


The Grant Park Sewer Repair Project will replace or repair about 11,500 feet of public sewer pipes that are between 89 and 104 years old and failing due to age. The project will increase sewer capacity and reduce the risks of street flooding and sewage releases to homes, businesses and streets. Construction should be completed by March 2015.


Current Construction Activities
Two crews are working on sewer and lateral pipe repairs and restoration in the area. Please be aware that construction schedules are subject to change due to conditions underground, weather, traffic, subcontractor schedules and availability of materials. As the contractor uses different equipment or specialized crews at each site, you will notice several work phases.



Sewer repairs underway or upcoming:


What to Expect During Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining

What to Expect During Construction

For More Information

Go to for more information and to see a map of the area.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this project. Please let us know if you have concerns such as business operations, disability issues, or medical or business deliveries. As always, we’ll strive to provide quick response to your concerns, minimal disruption near your residence or business, and open and clear communication with you throughout the project.


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